The Big Fat Christmas Cookies: Kourampiedes

Nothing says Greek Christmas like Kourampiedes! If the honey-dipped melomakarona biscuits are already eaten by the kids, don’t forget the Greeks have other alternatives, too. Kourampiedes (κουραμπιέδες) are another way to feel the approaching holidays in Greece. The word comes from the Turkish kurabiye, which means cookies. These mouth-melting, snow-white delicacies are the perfect addition to the Christmas dinner. Basically, they are made of flour, sugar, salt and vanilla (sometimes replaced with metaxa, mastika or rose water – for flavoring), but the most important part of the recipe are the butter and almonds. We all know how delicious and at the same time healthy the special nuts are, right?

 Actually, kourampiedes are so popular and irresistibly tasty that they’ve been consumed for other special occasions as well. Did you know that the other name of the butter sweets is “Greek Wedding Cookies”? Can you guess why is that? Next time you’re invited to a Greek wedding, don’t forget to have a mouthful of these as they are definitely gonna be a part of the menu! Depending on the occasion, kourampiedes might also contain some orange juice, brandy, clove or lemon zest.

 Why try those Greek Christmas Butter Cookies? Kourampiedes are special for the delicate sense they give out when having a bite. The crumbly texture, the amount of almonds and powdered sugar all over them; the peace of mind they bring and the wonderful buttery gustation they leave after – all those things make you feel at home. You definitely got to be in the mood when trying these cookies, so relax, have a smile and check them out! Once tasted, kourampiedes usually become a favorite dessert for anyone, so go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments, so we know if that’s your case too!

Also, don't forget you can find Traditional Greek Kourampiedes on Hellenic Grocery.


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