Melomakarona – Special Sweets for a Special Christmas

No matter if you are a local or a tourist in Greece, you know that Christmas is coming when the streets start smelling like heaven! If you are out for a stroll in December, there’s no chance to miss the scent of cinnamon, orange essence and walnuts from every bakery or sweet shop. It’s that time of the year when people gather together and “sweeten” their lives with lots of traditional pastries (besides all other meals!). What would be a Greek Christmas without Melomakarona (мελομακάρονα)?! The honey-dipped, covered with walnuts cookies are so popular among the Greeks that they are a must on the Christmas table. In case you feel a desire for something sweet and healthy, melomakarona cookies are the best choice! Let’s see what makes them so special:
  1. First of all, although there are all kinds of recipes for those honey-soaked cookies, a real food connoisseur will stake on some high-quality flour. Most of them are made of more traditional wheat flour like einkorn or emmer, which are at least not as harmful as today’s genetically modified products!
  2. Melomakarona without honey are nothing but simple cookies! This is why honey is the main ingredient when it comes to those heavenly delicious sweets. Not only does it give a wonderful taste, but it also serves as a natural preservative, so the cookies stay fresh for a long time! And let’s not forget about the many health benefits that honey brings us! What’s more, many modern recipes also include dipping the sweets in melted chocolate…Mmm, how about that?! 
  1. Did I mention the walnuts on top? Some chefs even fill their melomakarona with these nuts, which gives even better touch to the final product. Besides, walnuts are known as super-food as they are stuffed with lots of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  2. What is winter without the great fragrance of cinnamon cookies coming from the kitchen?! Greeks have been using the special spice since ancient times and they have not missed to add it to their traditional holiday pastries. Once you try the cinnamon flavored melomakarona, you will definitely feel the Christmas spirit!
Sometimes we all need a little time to treat ourselves for what we’ve achieved this year… So, don’t think too much, don’t worry about diets and regimens! Just have a bite and enjoy the holidays! Good appetite and Merry Christmas (or as the Greeks say - Hronia Polla)! And don't forget, you can find Melomakarona on our Christmas Product Category on Hellenic Grocery!


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