Burning Bay Leaves: What else Can Happen When You Do it?

“Wishes can be written on bay leaves which are then burned to help them come true.” Oh, that’s only one of many, many other things this amazing herb is capable of! It’s truly a magical plant! If you don’t believe, stay until the end and you will understand what special gifts bay leaves really hide. What’s more, you can also read our previous blog post here! So, without further ado, here’s what else can happen when you burn bay leaves:
  1. Boost our immune system
Not only do bay leaves make dreams and wishes come true, but they are also healing herbs as well. The spice is full of vitamins and minerals that help our body function better. Burning bay leaves might help boost our immune system by spreading all the healthy elements into the air. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it!?
  1. Give energy
Have you ever thought that a simple smoke is actually able to give you lots of power? And we are not talking about any special illegal type of smoke here! It turns out bay leaves are even used to treat chronic exhaustion. Some of its chemicals like pinenes, elemicin and others will definitely make short work of low tonus! bay leaves' smoke
  1. Purify the air
Put like this, it might not sound like anything you can feel, right? However, when you burn a bay leaf, it will clean the air in such a way that it will help you breathe better. Plus, specialists say the smoke might cleanse the respiratory tract and the lungs. What else you may try is place the leaves in some water with a couple of essential oil drops. Your lungs will thank you!
  1. Treat diabetes
Like many other natural products, bay leaves can be quite beneficial for diabetic patients. Nutritionists suggest that you should eat between 1 and 3g per day in order to actually “see” the results. When consumed regularly for no less than 30 days, bay leaves can take control over your insulin levels. How cool is that!? Did you already try burning bay leaves at home? Share with us your experience as you drop a comment down below! Expect the Unexpected: 10 of the Most Surprising Facts about Foods & Drinks 6 Health Benefits of Vanilla You wouldn’t Expect Coriander: 4 Things the Herb may be Helpful For


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