5 Ways to Ruin Your Cup of Tea or what Can be Best Done to Prevent It

Life is like making tea! Boil your ego, Evaporate your worries, Dilute your sorrows, Filter your mistakes & get taste of happiness.” Sounds as simple as that! However, brewing a really good cup of tea requires some knowledge as well as some skills. What are the most common mistakes people make when brewing tea? Stay until the end and you will find out!
  1. Wrong water
Let’s imagine you are taking a glass of water. What type would you prefer – tap water or filtered one? But of course it’s the latter! This is what your tea would also like. When brewing tea, it is much better to use mineral or filtered water. This way you will get the best of the experience!
  1. Jumping tea bag
You are probably already wondering what we are talking about, right? Oh, you probably know how we all tend to move the bag up and down all the way in the glass, huh! This is what we mean. A “jumping tea bag” might be a mistake, though. By taking it out of the water for a few times, you do not let the herbs do their work. Of course, this automatically stops the process of brewing and giving the water what it needs. So, think about this next time you wanna play with your tea bag! tea bag
  1. Burnt leaves
Some people tend to boil their herbs, which is definitely wrong. This is why you should always read what’s written on the label, in case you are buying the tea from the market. Manufacturers usually state at what temperatures this specific herb is supposed to be brewed. This way you won’t risk losing the beneficial effect of the plants.
  1. Wrong proportions
In order for you to get a tasty and healthy cup of tea in the end, you need to pay attention to the water:leaves proportion. On one hand, water should not be too much, because this way you may feel as if you are drinking strange kind of water. On the other hand, if you go too far with the herbs, you might get an overdose. Who knows – some herbs may have special effects, after all!
  1. Time
For how long are you brewing your tea? This is also an important part of the process. The longer you wait, the more intense the taste would be. So, we would advise you to have a quick look at your watch from time to time and not to steam it for more than 10 minutes. Well, it always depends on the herbs that you choose! tea preparation Did you like today’s topic? Make sure to drop us a comment down below so we can discuss! 3 Puff Pastry Desserts that Are Definitely Worth it 4 Mysterious Questions about Soda Water and The Truth Behind them


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