Check out some of the Most Interesting New Year’s Foods around the World!

Just as Christmas holidays are important to all people around the world, New Year’s Eve isn’t less appreciated. In fact, some nations are even more into celebrating the night before a new year starts! Of course, people from different countries tend to observe the holiday by having various foods on the table. Some of the dishes have to do with traditions; others are considered a sign for prosperity and health, while others are just…tasty!

Being right on the brink of 2021, today we are about to learn how people from all around the world tend to welcome the New Year. Keep reading!

  • Philippines

When the clock’s hands hit 12AM the Filipinos greet each other with a bunch of things on the holiday table. For them it’s very important that the food is rich as this means prosperity. Round fruits, for example, are definitely ‘a must’ as the shape represents the gold and silver coins. When it comes to meat, though, Filipinos aren’t keen on having animal flesh on New Year’s Eve. Again, it’s because of superstitions and not cause they don’t like meat.

  • Australia

Contrary to people from the Philippines, Australians enjoy meat before the year ends. You will often see a piggy on their holiday table as for them it symbolizes engagement and good luck. What’s more, they often offer peppermint ice cream as a dessert. But it’s not just a regular ice cream! It’s in the shape of a four-leaf clover.

  • Spain

We are going right across the globe to see what’s inside Spanish people’s houses for New Year’s Eve. It turns out they are keen on traditions and that’s why they have 12 grapes with each clock bell strike. No more, no less! One grape for each month of the year! This tradition even carries the name “The Twelve Grapes”.

the twelve grapes
  • Greece

Some nations like Greeks believe that food in a circular shape is going to bring luck and happiness. Plus, that’s a symbol of a closing cycle – the old year is passing and the new one is coming ahead. That’s why in Greece people eat the so called Vasilopita (a.k.a. Greek New Year’s cake). It’s quite typical and very, very delicious. And, of course, people there never forget to put a coin inside so they can see who is going to have the best luck!

  • Sicily

Italian style! Can you guess wrong here?! Sicilians’ New Year’s Eve traditions say that happiness of the upcoming days go to those who dare to eat lasagna. Nothing else is accepted this evening! No pasta, no pizza, no macaroni.

We would be more than happy to know where you come from and what your New Year’s Eve food traditions are! Share with us in the comments down below!

Hellenic Grocery’s team wishes you a wonderful celebration of 2021 year!


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