Classic Wafer Rolls & Chocolate Spread: 3 ‘Must-Do’ Ideas

Cake, sweets, wafers, chocolate bars, chocolate spreads…it’s all worth the extra kilo, doesn’t it?! Plus, let’s not forget that cake (or anything that’s sweet) is always a good idea after a long day at work. Check out today’s 3 must-do recipes with our top products – classic wafer rolls and chocolate spread!
  1. Pudding/creme with wafer roll sticks
Products: 1tbsp flour 4tbsp powdered sugar 1tbsp starch 1x vanilla, package 2 ½ cups of milk 1x egg yolk 1x whipping cream 1 box of classic wafer rolls 1x chocolate Fruit jam (by choice) wafer rolls pudding Take a stew pan and put the flour, starch, powdered sugar and the vanilla. Stir. After that add the milk while constantly stirring. Then mix with the egg yolk. Boil this mixture until you have a thick mess. Set aside, add the cream and beat with the mixer. Pour into small glasses and add crushed chocolate pieces. Decorate with wafer roll sticks and some kind of fruit jam on top.
  1. Fried chocolate sandwiches
Products: 8 slices of sandwich bread 4tbsp chocolate spread 100g chocolate, grated 50-60ml milk 1tbsp honey 2tbsp butter 1x egg 2tsp water fried chocolate sandwiches Firstly, put some chocolate spread over 4 of the sandwich toasts. Sprinkle some grated chocolate on top. Then cover with the other 4 bread slices to make a sandwich. In a shallow bowl mix the milk with honey. Take one sandwich and gently dip it for 1-2 seconds on both sides. When you’re ready with all the sandwiches, place them over a cutting board and put something heavy on top. Let the toasts stay like this for 3 hours. After this time, mix the egg and the water in another shallow bowl. Do the dipping process again as you dip each sandwich on both sides. Meanwhile, heat the butter over a frying pan. Cook the bread for 5 minutes on each side or until they turn golden. Make diagonal cuts and serve while hot.
  1. Wafer rolls cake
Products: For the base: 8x eggs 16tbsp sugar 16tbsp flour For the cream: 200g chocolate 300g confectionery cream For the syrup: 2 cups of sugar 2 cups of water For decoration: 2 boxes of classic wafer rolls wafer rolls cake Use all the ingredients for the base to prepare a sponge-cake layer and bake it in the oven. TIP: it’s better to cook the base one day earlier! After it’s completely cooled, cut it into three identical slices. To make the cream, heat up the confectionery cream together with the chocolate until they dissolve. Leave this mixture for minimum of 4 hours in a fridge. After that, beat with mixer to form a fluffy cream. For the syrup you just have to mix the sugar and the water. Time to put the cake together! Place the first cake on a serving plate and syrup it. Spread some cream evenly on top. Then add the second layer of cake, more cream and top the cake with the remaining layer. To make it more beautiful, you can heat up some chocolate using a water bath and pour it over the whole cake. To decorate this sweet temptation, use 2 boxes of classic wafer rolls to place them vertically over the sides of the cake. Bon appetite! Buy from our super tasty sweets like wafers, sticks & spreads by choosing your favorite category as you click here! 5 Types of Flour and their Uses in the Kitchen 4 Amazing Beauty Masks that include…Chocolate! 2 Mouth-Watering Coffee Desserts you Must Try


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