Coffee Marathon - Facts that Will Get your Attention – Part 6

Is there anybody here who doesn’t love coffee?! Raise your hands, please! No one? Alright then! Namely because we know how big fans all people are of coffee, we continue with our ‘coffee marathon’.

“What else is there left that I don’t know about coffee?”, you might be asking yourself now. Oh, there is, believe me. Keep reading to find out some more facts that will definitely grab your attention!

  1. Back in Antiquity the first coffee shops in Constantinople used to carry the name ‘quahveh khaneh’ (from Persian). Can you pronounce it? Me neither! Well, this translates as ‘coffee house’. It’s said that only men could gather there and discuss things like art and literature. How anti-modern, huh!
  2. Here’s something scientists from New York University discovered! According to them, a couple would need no more than one hour in order for both of them to understand whether they match, or not. That is why the people of science suggested that the firsts ‘randevu’-s should be in cafés. This is where people would not stay for too long, unless they have a good reason.
  3. OK, how to prepare the best espresso? Well, it’s said that you should stick to ‘the 4 Ms’ rule – Macinaziona (good grinding) , Miscela (good mixture of the sorts), Macchina (good coffee machine) and, last but not least, Mano (good coffee master). So, think about these next time you want to treat your guests with a really nice espresso!
  4. Did you know that the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was a desperate coffee maniac? In fact, when preparing his cup of coffee he would always grind exactly 60 beans. No more, no less. How crazy is that?!
  5. Anyone aware of the fact that caffeine can actually make you feel happier? Well, we all know it can make us more energetic, but because the drink is able to increase the dopamine levels, it can actually make us smile more often.
  6. Speaking of caffeine, some of you might not know that the more roasted the bean, the lower the caffeine level. So, basically the high temperatures tend to ‘kill’ the coffee’s main component.
  7. Coffee beans can lose their fantastic aromas with time – that’s a well-known fact. Well, do you actually know exactly when this happens? The truth is that vacuumed coffee beans start losing their flavors about three weeks after you open up the package. For grinded coffee this period is limited to only one week. So, you are free to make your own conclusions, but we recommend that you grind as much coffee as you need for this very moment. This way you will always have a house full of flavors!

How often do you drink coffee? Be sure to drop us a comment down below and share your secret!

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