Why Seasonal Eating is Good for You and What you Can Choose for each Season?

“The joy of eating seasonally is the joy of fresh produce and fresh foods.” Not only does eating by the season make your life much more different, but it can also be quite good for your physical and even mental health!

It’s true that today you can find almost anything in the supermarket. From fresh fruits, to various meat types, toilet paper or hair conditioners – it’s all there! It’s always good to have things handy, right? However, we forgot to actually think what the season offers, rather than just stick to what’s on the shelves.

Here’s why eating seasonally can change your mindset and make you realize it’s actually quite good for you! Plus, you are also about to learn what types of products you can choose for each time of the year. Keep reading!

First of all, let us say that recent scientific researches prove that fruits and vegetables that have been frozen during the summer, let’s say, can turn into a very healthy meal during the winter. So, instead of going the store in the end of November and buying “fresh” spinach, it might be a better idea to get the frozen version. This way you avoid eating some kind of chemically produced veggie that was made to survive the season.

So, here comes the question that everybody asks: “What – when?” The answer is actually pretty simple! Let’s explain it this way:

  • Spring – During the blossoming season you have to go for lots of greens. It’s actually logical, isn’t it?! Everything starts growing during the spring season; all the grasses spread their leaves, so it’s close to the mind that we have to place the “spring color” in our plates. Of course, things like garlic, potatoes and onions are also something that we should not forget about!
  • Summer – As many of us know, summer is the time when we all need lots of minerals and vitamins. This is why food experts recommend eating more fruits and vegetables that have high water content like cucumbers, watermelons, melons, apples etc.
  • Autumn – The season that stuns us with its yellow-brownish, colorful shades! So, in the beginning of autumn you can try eating more apricots and some late watermelons. In the end, though, things like pumpkins, grapes (and its fermented form, of course!), pears would be your best choice!
  • Winter – Time for more heavy foods and plenty of calories! Many people go a little bit too far with the dairy products during the cold days, but it’s not that bad, after all. It’s just good to know your limits! It’s also nice to stick to legumes, nuts and seeds as they give lots of energy, which we definitely need for us to stay warm from the inside!

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