Why Coffee-Pots give Much Better Drink than Instant Coffee: 4 Facts you Should Know

Always remember that “a bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.” So, no matter how your day starts, coffee is always an option. It’s true that lots of people wake up with the thought of a hot, flavorful cup of coffee. In fact, they do not use it only because it awakens, but also because of its wonderful taste. One of the most common ways to drink coffee is by taking espresso. However, what most of you probably don’t know is that this type of coffee isn’t going to give you what you are actually looking for. Caffeine! In case you are wondering, go check this article and see what we’re talking about. In any case, it takes a lot of love and attention to the details in order to make the perfect coffee. On the other hand, probably the easiest and fastest way to start the day is by having instant coffee. It’s true that it would take you just a couple of minutes (or even seconds, if you are a pro!) to prepare yourself a cup of instant coffee. Despite this fact, though, you might get much more than just a simple coffee drink if you choose to use real coffee and a nice coffee-pot! instant coffee Experts point out 4 reasons why coffee-pots give much better drink than instant coffee:
  • First of all, they say the main reason hides in chemistry. It turns out that when you prepare coffee over the hob, you will end up with a drink that’s full of minerals. It’s mostly manganese and magnesium, big amounts of vitamin B3 as well as some antioxidants. Sadly, instant coffee might not give you all these amazing elements. This is definitely a nice reason to start using coffee-pots more often, right?!
  • Usually people produce instant coffee by choosing coffee sorts that are not of best quality. What’s more, all its health properties will probably go away after the heat treatment.
  • Did you also know that instant coffee is said to contain less amount of coffee beans? As a matter of fact, there’s some information that its main ingredient is sugar. In combination with plant fats and glucose syrup, which producers put in everything, you will most likely get nothing more than a fooling sweet drink.
  • Some say that instant coffee contains hydrogenated vegetable oils that, as you probably know, are considered to be a source of trans fatty acids. These can have significantly bad effects on your body and result in various diseases, from light indispositions to severe illnesses.
So, it’s always better to buy a package of some high-quality coffee and use a coffee-pot to prepare it yourself. It wouldn’t take you so long! Plus, you will end up drinking something that you really enjoy. After all, what’s more adorable than the homemade?! Still don’t have a coffee-pot to make yourself a coffee? We offer you an amazing tool for the perfect morning drink! Click here to view! Why do we Love Chocolate so Much: Let’s see What Scientists Say 8 Uncommon Facts about Coffee – Part 2 Enjoy a Cup of Autumn Coffee, or “How to Make a Really Special Drink”


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