3 Benefits of Avoiding Trans Fatty Acids

A well-known public health advocate, professor of nutrition and food sciences Marion Nestle says: “The trans fat label has been an enormous incentive for food companies to take trans fat out of their products.” So it is! It’s true that today we are becoming more and more interested in what we actually put into our mouths. Or at least what we should avoid eating! Did you know that lowering the consumption of trans fats might reduce the risk of arterial damage? Of course, the moderate fat intake is a necessity when it comes to diet. In fact, fats are said to transport the fat-soluble vitamins, stimulate brain activity and give us calories and other important elements. However, it turns out that not all of them are healthy and some can even be dangerous. Like trans fatty acids, for example! Here’s 3 benefits you will most likely get from avoiding trans fatty acids:
  1. Lower cholesterol levels
According to medical specialists, high levels of bad cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Luckily, there have been some researches, which show that keeping trans fatty acids away from the menu can help lower these levels. That’s because namely those fats might get your LDL cholesterol (‘the bad guy’) to worsen. It has the tendency to stick to your arteries and form plaques that may lead to atherosclerosis. We definitely wouldn’t want this, right?!
  1. Normal weight
Some say that quitting on trans fatty acids can result in lower risk of obesity. This applies especially for that part of the body that’s around the waistline. Lots of specialists are on the opinion that gaining visceral (abdominal) fat may significantly increase the risk of heart illnesses. According to recent data trans fatty acids might stimulate gaining abdominal fat even if you don’t take extra calories. This is another reason why you should always read the labels and run away from trans fats! types of fat
  1. No aggression
A very curious experiment from 2012 conducted by University of California specialists states that more trans fatty acids means more aggressiveness. This study observes and analyzes the diet of more than 1000 people. During the examination time researchers study their personal lifestyle, relationships and self-consciousness in terms of social behavior. So, it turns out that people who, willingly or not, consume trans fats are more liable to short temper and hostility. It’s quite interesting how things from the outside can affect our lives from the inside so much, huh! Who says foods that have no trans fats aren’t tasty?! At Hellenic Grocery, we offer you 100% trans fat free products that you can still enjoy without worrying about your health or anything else! Click here to shop! 5 Curious Questions about Vegetarians and their Lifestyle Walnuts: 5 Health Benefits of this Brain-Boosting Food 5 “For” & “Against” Facts about Veganism – Part 1


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