The Cream Diet: 4 Facts you (probably) Didn’t Expect

Whipped cream diet… It passes belief, huh! However strange it may seem, it actually exists and might even act as a real diet. What do we mean? Well, specialists say that the cream diet can help you get rid of the extra kilos you don’t like.

How is that possible?

So, cream itself might not be as bad as some people say it is, after all. In fact, it’s quite a healthy sour dairy product. By the way, how many types of cream can you name? Go check this article and learn more about the different sorts! cream Here are 4 facts about the cream diet that you probably wouldn’t expect to be true:
  1. The “good content”
Did you know that cream is a great source of calcium and vitamins like A and D? Oh, yes, it is! Plus, it’s said to also contain a bunch of microelements as well as proteins (2,2%).
  1. What about fat?!
OK, we must admit it. Fat is the problem, with which people associate cream as a whole. As you probably know, cream is actually very rich in fat – from 15 to 45%. This is where the endless argument between dieticians derives from. “Can cream be a part of any diet, or not?!”
  1. Good news about fat
There’s always a green light at the end of the tunnel! Well, specialists say that our body is actually capable of absorbing the fat quite easily. This is why lots of doctors even recommend cream to people who suffer from obesity or diabetes. Who could have thought?!
  1. Here’s how it works!
Of course, don’t fool yourself that you can eat cream all the time! The diet goes for 1-2 days, which are more like ‘unloading days’ of the week. All you need to do is take 400g cream (no more than 20% fat) and divide it into 5 intakes. In addition, you have to drink 2 cups of briar tea per day. briar tea Water? Have it no less than 10 minutes before you take the cream. You can also eat 1 fruit (not sweet) or some walnuts in case you feel you can’t be just on cream. What do you think about cream being part of the diet? Hit the comments and share with us!


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