7 Interesting Facts about Onions you Would have Never Guessed!

“An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable that can make them laugh.” True, huh! Why do they make us cry, after all? And can eating stale onion poison you? Do onions make us stronger? Read on to find out the answers of these and many other questions!
  1. Let’s imagine you used half an onion to cook your meal. You decide to leave the other half in the fridge for some other time. However, someone told you that it may turn into poison if you leave it for too long. How is that? Well, many people say that onions tend to develop toxic bacteria, which may cause stomach infections and other issues. That’s most likely to be wrong! According to scientists that’s a myth. They say that onions are not predisposed to bacterial contamination, so don’t worry.
  2. By the way, do you know that ancient Egyptians associated the vegetable with eternity? That’s because of its spherical shape and concentric circles. In fact, they often put it inside Pharaoh’s tombs to ensure prosperity in the hereafter. onions
  3. Just as many other valuable products, onions were a form of currency back in the Middle Ages. People used it to pay their rents, various types of goods or even services. What’s even more astonishing is they could give onions as a gift!
  4. Here comes the long-awaited answer! The reason why this veggie makes us cry is actually pretty simple. It’s said that onions release sulphur acid when sliced, which reacts in a specific way towards the eyes. Do you know how to prevent this, by the way? One of the options is to cut the vegetable under water. Easy-peasy!
  5. It turns out onions are very healthy as well. Specialists say they are full of quercetin – a powerful antioxidant, which can help fight lung cancer. Plus, in case you’re suffering from any type of cardiovascular disease or cataract, try eating more onions.
  6. Can the veggie make us stronger, what do you think? Well, we would say probably not! However, it was Ancient Greeks who used to believe in this. That’s why the athletes who took part in the first Olympic games ever had more onions in their menu. onions' health benefits
  7. Do you know what’s the connection between onions and osteoporosis? The vegetable may be any woman’s ally, if she’s going through the harsh times of menopause. Onions are said to eliminate the osteoclasts – the bone cells that break down bone tissue. So, go for it, ladies!
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