Energy Boosters: Top 8 Foods that will „Fuel” your Day

Don’t run to add days to your life. Run to add life to your days!” However you say it, it’s true that the morning run is quite a reviving act. Well, for some of us that’s definitely a challenge, especially if it’s in the early morning hours! To do it right, we need to have enough energy, because running (or doing any other kind of sport) usually drains all our power. So, what are the foods that can compensate for the used-up energy? Let’s see!
  1. Chicken breasts
Although this meat tends to be low on calories, it might give a lot of boost to the organism. Even if chicken with rice doesn’t sound like the perfect type of breakfast, you better go for it!
  1. Bananas
To be honest, carbohydrates are known for their bad name, but ‘early morning runners’ can definitely benefit from these! Carbs are said to have lots of vitamins and minerals as well!
  1. Oat meal
Oats can be the ideal meal for those of you, who love to have a run outside (or even on the treadmill). A bowl of oats is full of fibers, proteins and carbs, which is a great combo!
  1. Yoghurt
This type of dairy is an amazing finish of your workout routine. Well, it’s not exactly part of it, of course! Its high protein content is able to recharge you with the energy you used up during the run.
  1. Salmon
Full of omega-3 and antioxidants, salmon can help you recover after an exhausting workout. Try combining it with some grilled veggies or potatoes. Bonus: salmon is thought to improve brain activity! workout foods
  1. Brown rice
This grain food is rich in manganese – the mineral that turns carbs and proteins into energy. Why brown? Well, it’s basically the ‘healthier’ alternative, but you can always stick to the basic white rice.
  1. Honey
Did you know that a single spoonful of honey might be enough for your muscles to ‘refuel’? That’s an amazing product we could take advantage of! Read more about honey and its properties here.
  1. Spinach
This green food is popular as a great iron source, which is a vital element when it comes to energy. What’s more, spinach consumption can be the perfect way to give your body more vitamins! Which of these do you usually eat after some serious physical activity? Share with us in the comments! And don’t forget to tell your family and friends about these amazing energy boosters! 5 Reasons Why Thyme Honey is Good for your Health


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