Food for the Soul: 4 Reasons to Choose Tahini

“Eat to nourish your body.” Well, it’s true that food isn’t just a thing that our body needs. It is much more than that and we really have to think about how we actually ‘nourish’ our bodies. Tahini, today’s main hero, is probably one of the best products on the market. It’s a food that somehow manages to preserve all the healthy properties of the nuts, which is one of the reasons why it is so great. Let’s see what else we’ve got!
  1. Better absorption
As you already know that tahini is able to keep all the healthiness of the seeds and nuts, we can’t miss to talk about how our body absorbs it. It’s said that our organisms are actually going to absorb tahini paste much faster compared to eating whole nuts. What’s more, when we consume, let’s say, seeds most of them can’t even be well digested. You probably disagree, right? Well, do you remember that we have to chew our food at least 30 times? Now think for a moment! When you eat nuts and seeds, do you follow this rule? If not, then tahini is your thing. Agree on that!?
  1. Healing properties
Now that you know that tahini is well absorbed by the body, you might easily come to the conclusion that it is very healthy. Of course it is! Not only does tahini not overload our systems, but it can actually heal most of our cells. Did you know that many people treat gastritis, ulcer and colitis namely with the paste? They really do because this product contains lots of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E, for example. It is said to restore and heal the body cells. Plus, sesame tahini’s main compound, sesamin, is thought to increase fat burn and help eliminate the excess fats from the body. Learn more about sesame tahini here!
  1. Multifunctional
The list is definitely endless, but, long story short, tahini is quite universal. You can include it in all kinds of meals starting from salty to sweet ones. Whether it’s a dessert, a salad dressing, a porridge for breakfast or an appetizer for the evening Ouzo, tahini is so multifunctional! And let’s not forget about the most important thing… A spoonful of tahini in the morning is able to keep you site until noon! So, next time you’re waiting for your coffee, make sure to get your daily dose of calcium, magnesium, omega 3, 6 and many more by just a single spoon! tahini dressing
  1. Preservation
It turns out that tahini paste has a much longer lasting period than nuts and seeds themselves. You probably ask yourself how is this possible keeping in mind that they are basically the same products! Well, specialists explain it this way: if nuts do not go through heat treatment, they can easily go bad. They start having a strange smell and we often rush to eat them all so they don’t go into the bin. On the other hand, when producing tahini people bake the nuts at low temperatures and then dry them in order to preserve all their healthy ingredients. In the end, the fat that’s on top is a ‘natural protector’ from oxygen and any kind of bacteria that can make tahini go bad. Does it ring a bell now? After learning all this, you can probably now say that tahini is truly ‘food for the soul’, huh! Be sure to get our tahini offers by clicking here! 4 Things You Didn’t know about Trahana + Bonus: 3 Easy Recipes All you Need to Know about the 4 Most Popular Types of Wine Black Cherries: 8 Things you Need to Know about Them


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