Limes: 4 things that Make it Perfect for Skin & General Health

What do limes and corona have in common? No, it’s not the corona that we’ve all been fed up with lately! It’s the corona pale lager what we’re talking about. Of course, hearing the word ‘lime’ would most probably bring the famous Corona beer to mind. Or some marinated seafood (for those who are not fans of alcohol!), who knows?! Being mostly associated and often mistaken for unripe lemons, limes tend to be quite underestimated. However strange it may seem, these little green buddies are said to have lots of benefits not only for the skin, but for the whole body itself. And here’s 4 things that prove that!
  1. Antioxidant source
Most people in India use lime in their everyday cooking routine. That’s because it’s a popular product from the folk medicine that can be great to increase the immune system. It’s said that limes contain huge amounts of citric acid and antioxidants. These and many others may help neutralize the bad effects from free radicals. Super!
  1. Improves digestion
Did you know that lime can actually have a “secret” capability of increasing your saliva? That’s thanks to the fruit’s acidity, of course. An International Journal of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine (2013) research states that limes have an incredible flavor that wets people’s mouths with saliva and thus improves digestion. Probably this is the reason why many diets tend to include lime as a very important product. lime nutrition facts
  1. Great for diabetes
Do you remember our blog post about the best foods for diabetes? Well, there you can find reasonable explanation why any citrus fruits are good for diabetic patients. All in all, the American Diabetes Association claims that the ‘green lemon’ is a great food for people with such conditions. The main reason is limes’ high soluble fibers content that are thought to regulate blood sugar levels.
  1. Makes beauty easier
Maintaining healthy and natural skin on the face as well as all over the body is much easier if you rely on limes. Cultures have been using the fruits as a beauty source both at home as well as industrially for ages. It’s because of limes’ essential oils! When applied externally, these tend to help the skin recover quickly. They also protect from infections and help get rid of unpleasant body smell. Thank you, vitamin C and flavonoids! So, what are lime’s other health benefits as a cosmetic product?
  • Brightens the dark pigments of the skin;
  • Lightens up the dark circles under the eyes;
  • Tightens and shrinks the pores;
  • Exfoliates dead cells;
  • Cleanse the scalp and the skin from bacteria and fungus;
  • Regulates scalp mass;
  • Revitalizes the hair;
  • Effectively treats hair loss.
lime essential oil The summer season is a great time to enjoy the magical properties of the ‘green lemon’. How you are going to use it is totally up to you! Check out our lime and cinnamon cake for the perfect relish as you click here!


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