Fresh vs. Dried Fruits: Are They Both Healthy?

As we all know “fruit is nature’s candy”! So, the logical answer to the question whether fresh and dried fruits are equally healthy is ‘yes’. As a matter of fact, this kind of food is (or should be) a part of people’s everyday life. Fruits are full of fibers and nutritional components – even kids know this! Here comes the topic of the day: “fresh or dried?”. Let’s dig more into the subject and find the true answers, shall we?!
  • “Start a day not only with fresh fruits but also with fresh mind.”
It’s super important for us to know that a good start of the day doesn’t only mean healthy breakfast. It means positive thoughts, energy and readiness to face what’s coming ahead. OK, back to fruits! It’s a well-known fact that fresh food as a whole characterizes with a long list of valuable substances. Fruits’ main element is water. Thanks to the H2O content they are juicy and …well, fresh! Of course, it depends on the fruit itself but it mostly varies between 65 and 95%. fruits' water content What about the chemistry here? So, fresh fruits contain a good amount of carbohydrates, organic acids, fibres, nitric and tanning materials. The latter are basically biochemical elements that participate in the metabolism and in the intracellular energy release. And it’s not us who say this, it’s science! By the way, if you want to make sure there are tanning extracts /tans/ within the fruit, you can check yourself. Usually, it’s these elements that cause some fruits’ tartness. Plus, those tans are able to oxidize and that’s why apples and pears go brown when peeled. So, what do we know until now? Fresh fruits are undoubtedly a great source of vitamins, minerals and other vital elements. Thanks to their amazing properties, they can act as natural antidepressants and immunostimulants. That’s why you should definitely start using them more often!
  • When ancient Egyptian kings died, people buried dried fruits in their tombs with the treasures.
Doesn’t this speak for itself?! It turns out dried fruits are just as valuable as treasures. First of all, we should say there are different kinds of drying methods. Some might preserve the nutrients at their maximum, while others don’t have such a good reputation. dried fruits Not having the drying process in mind, there are a number of researches, which are on dried fruits’ side. They show that dried fruits tend to be much richer in biologically active compounds, vitamins and minerals (compared to fresh ones). Whether that’s true or not, there are countless opinions! All in all, no matter whether you choose fresh or dried fruits, you should know that they can be the solution to lots of diseases. Of course, they wouldn’t be the only ones to help here. It all comes down to healthy lifestyle, consciousness and, last but not least, fresh mind, remember?! Check out this topic about “Fresh or Frozen vegetables” and learn more interesting stuff!


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