5 Differences between Tortilla and Pita Bread (+Bonus: a Quick Recipe)

There’s one thing we can definitely agree on. Whether it’s tortilla, pita bread or just a regular focaccia, it’s always bread and we love it! However, we all know how differently can one single product taste in various recipes. So, it’s time for us to examine the contrast between pita bread and tortillas. Keep reading!
  1. The flour
Of course, flour is the main hero in both types of bread and it’s what makes them taste the way they do. It comes down to what sort of flour is used, though. Tortillas were originally made from maize, while pita bread is usually made from wheat. We would say that both maize and wheat are super tasty, but it’s all a matter of choice. That’s why we would suggest you try tortillas and pita bread and decide yourself. tortilla
  1. Age
“Age matters”, right? Well, it turns out tortillas first appeared around 10 000 BCE. Can you imagine?! On the other hand, pita bread is a bit ‘younger’ as it dates back from 1200 BCE.
  1. Yeast
When it comes to yeast, you should know that one of those two doesn’t contain it. Which one do you think it is? OK, it’s tortillas. They do not contain those microorganisms we know as yeast. That’s probably why people often call tortillas ‘flatbread’. Contrary to them, pita bread contains yeast and it tends to get fluffy and puffy when baked. pita bread
  1. Cooking process
There’s not much to say here. Basically, chefs always cook tortillas in a skillet. Fast and easy. In comparison, the traditional Greek pita bread always goes in the oven. Well, truth is that wherever they get from, the taste is amazing!
  1. Filling
Usually, people like to open pita breads in order to make pockets. Those are great to fill with all your favourite vegetables, meat, potatoes or whatever you like! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out these pita bread breakfast ideas we’ve got for you! pita bread roll As far as tortillas are concerned, they are not called flatbread for no reason. They often go as an additional piece of bread for those who’re super hungry! Do you enjoy reading about food and drinks? Then follow our Blog and keep up with all the interesting stuff: Apples’ Healthiest Parts: 10 Curious Facts about the Fruits 2 Easy Dinner Ideas you’ll Fall in Love With! Homemade Bread: 2 Simple Recipes you Can Try Today


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