How to Get the Most Out of Beer - 2 Simple Tips with Steps

Someone once said that “There’s no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.” Well, we have to admit that he was definitely right. There are all kinds of beers all over the world, but do we know how to get the most out of them? Here’s our list of suggestions on how to enjoy your beer, serve and drink it like a pro. Keep reading!
  1. Pouring
There’s nothing worse than a glass of beer with more foam than … beer! Keep in mind that if you end up with just the suds, you might be feeling almost like it’s Monday morning and you have to get back to work. Nobody wants that feeling, right?! So, here’s how to pour beer properly:
  • Firstly, bend your glass or mug at 45 degrees before you pour the drink into it.
  • Get the bottle neck near the end of the glass (but don’t touch it) and start pouring.
  • When the glass is half way full keep pouring but slowly start setting it upright until it reaches vertical position. This way you’ll have the perfect amount of suds!
beer pouring
  1. Drinking
Remember that beer isn’t just a drink. It’s a valuable experience! For that very reason you can’t just lift the mug and gulp the beer down. Well, technically you can, but you shouldn’t. Here’s how to drink and enjoy your beverage to the fullest:
  • Step 1: Take a look
That’s almost like wine tasting, remember? You always have to “see” first. Make sure to look at the color, the suds and the fizziness. Half-close your eyes and have a look. Keep the beer away from intense light, though, because this might wash away the real color.
  • Step 2: Swirl
Again, like with wine! Gently start swirling the glass but don’t go too far, okay? No one wants you to stain your clothes. This procedure will most likely release all the aromas in the beer and you’ll be able to smell them. Just don’t spill the drink, please!
  • Step 3: Inhale
What are these flavors telling you? How do they affect your sensitive nose and all other organs? Take notes, if you feel like it. And in case your nose is too big, then use a glass with a wider neck. Just kiddin’! drinking beer
  • Step 4: Take a sip
Finally! Take a normal (not huge!) sip and let the beer stay in your mouth for a moment. Then swallow while you’re trying to get the notes all over your tongue. Enjoy the moment and then…continue drinking like an expert! After having read all this, we can now say you’re ready for the next beer party. Cheers to that! 6 Benefits from Drinking Pomegranate Juice – Part 2 5 Reasons Why you Should Take a Spoonful of Olive Oil Every Day – Part 2 10 Curious Pizza Facts you (probably) Didn’t know


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