Grape Juice or Wine: Which one is Healthier?

So, that’s something like the very famous Hamlet phrase “to be, or not to be”, don’t you think?! Because, let’s face it, when you have two tempting drinks like these, which one would you go for? The answer probably is: there’s no need to choose only one. Makes sense, huh! What’s more, according to a lot of researchers grape juice and wine tend to have equal benefits (especially to the heart). Some of them are:
  • Lower risk of blood clots;
  • Decrease in the LDL cholesterol levels;
  • Prevention of blood vessels’ and heart’s damage;
  • Regulation of the blood pressure, etc.
Enough is enough! It’s time for us to reveal...

3 things in Grapes that Make them a ‘Superfood’!

  1. Antioxidants
It’s no big surprise that grapes are full of powerful antioxidants, right? As you probably know, the human organism needs those in order to prevent cell damage. Plus, if there are already ‘bad cells’, antioxidants are strong enough to fight and restore them. All in all, grape juice is sfull antioxidants in many forms, so it’s definitely a good thing to have instead of the morning coffee. red wine health benefits
  1. Flavonoids
Flavonoids are natural polyphenols, that can be found in grape juice in big quantities. These elements are known to increase the good cholesterol (HDL) levels and to avert arterial occlusion. What flavonoids might also do is to significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases. Great!
  1. Resveratrol
Remember our blog post about red wine’s benefits? We learnt that resveratrol is a main compound in red wine and may also extend life. How cool is that! Check the article again here, if you’re eager to know more. So, here’s something else to think about. A research from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) shows that grape juice has more health benefits to the heart in comparison with red wine, orange juice or even cranberries. So, after all this, we leave for yourself to take the hard decision whether grape juice or wine would suit you better! Don’t forget you can always leave us a comment, so we can discuss! 4 Reasons Why Strawberries can Benefit your Health 7 Curious Facts about Grapes and Wine All you Need to Know about the 4 Most Popular Types of Wine


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