6 Reasons why You should Go for Oranges

“To improve your zest for life, fill it with vitamin C.” And how to do it? By eating lots of oranges, of course! Those healthy citrus fruits are so flavorful that no house should be left without them…Plus, they are universal, so to say, as we can use them in desserts, salads, juices and even for the main course. Are you eager to learn why oranges are so great? Read on to find out!
  1. Neutralize stress and depressive symptoms
The citric acid is usually what makes those fruits successfully fight against everyday stress and depression. Of course, it’s not only thanks to the citric acid alone. The big amounts of vitamins and oligo-elements are also responsible for those health effects.
  1. Stimulate the digestive system
Did you know that oranges are rich in magnesium? Yup, they are! That’s a mineral associated with intestines’, nerves’ and muscles’ functioning. Magnesium is said to have beneficial effects when it comes to various stomach issues. What’s more, it may disinfect and dissolve all the dross and thus stimulate digestion.
  1. Boost the metabolism
How? Due to the high doses of vitamin C. Would you think otherwise?! This vitamin is (as you already know) super important for the whole body. It helps form collagen, bones, teeth, red blood cells, etc. It’s also thought that vitamin C can boost the metabolism, improve our immune system and protect us from infections. oranges' content
  1. Clean up toxins
Being a powerful antioxidant with its vitamin C, flavonoids and beta carotene content, the orange fruit is able to throw the toxins away. By doing this, oranges might help us prevent serious vein, degenerative or heart diseases. There’s some research on the fruit’s effects against cancer formation and it’s definitely a positive thing to mention!
  1. Help absorb the iron
In case you don’t know it yet, vitamin C might significantly increase the iron absorption. What this means is that oranges are pretty much one of the best things people with anemia can eat!
  1. Protect the skin
You want to have an ally in the ‘battle’ against acne and other skin issues? Then you must stick to a regular consumption of oranges. Lab results show that these fruits are able to feed up and hydrate the skin. Plus, they are also suitable for regenerating and recovering of damaged skin. Do you like eating oranges? If so, share with us if you have noticed some of their wonderful effects! In the meantime, browse our Orange jams and lots of other delicious foods as you click here! Lemons or Limes: 4 Basic Differences between those Fruits 5 Ways in Which Lemon Juice can Improve your Health Drink Wisely: 4 Hidden Benefits of Drinking Alcohol


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