Greek Olives: 4 Interesting Sorts that You Will Find in Greece

Most people differentiate olives just by their color. “There are black and there are green olives”, they would say. Well, this is true, of course. Green olives are usually harvested when they are unripe, while black ones – when ripe. If you want to learn more about those two types, check this article out! Otherwise, we’re here to talk about the different sorts today. In the whole world there are probably more than 300 sorts, but now we’re turning the focus on only a few of them. Here is our list of 4 interesting Greek sorts of olives: 1.Kalamata Also known as Kalamon, these black olives are definitely the most popular ones not only in the Mediterranean country, but also across the globe. They are famous for their light taste and that’s why people often use them as part of the meal. What’s more, they might also be of use when preserving vinegar or olive oil. Kalamata go perfectly well with various types of cheese and a mixture of herbs and spices. kalamata

2. Amfissa

Here’s another product that might get your attention not because it’s super popular, but because of its interesting nature. These olives are usually quite big and they go to the green types list. They carry the name of a city near Delphi and this is where they actually grow. In fact, you can find them only in certain places in the central part of the country. What’s most curious about them is that they are extremely tasty both ripe and unripe. amfissa 3. Chalkidiki No, we’re not talking about Chalkidiki, the peninsula that we all love to spend our holidays at! As you could probably guess, it’s about the Halkidiki olives that originally come from these regions in Greece. The fruits tend to be large in size and they have two basic colors – both green and black. Well, maybe most popular are the green ones, which are usually harvested when young. Some of you may even find them with an almond instead of a pit, which makes them even more delightful. chalkidiki olives 4. Throumba Thassou Just like their name, these olive sorts are quite interesting because of their unique nature. First of all, they originate from the island of Thassos and this is where they got their name from. They have a distinctive black color because people wait until they overripe in order to harvest them. However, experts say that you can eat the olives straight from the tree because they tend to lose their bitterness while maturing. Well, you need to try Throumba olives at least once to get a real feeling of what they taste like! throumba thassou olives Check out our offer for a mixture between 100% Greek green and black olives as you click here! 10 Facts about Herbs & Spices you (probably) Didn’t Know 3 Face Masks with Red Wine for Beautiful Skin Feel the Power: 4 Healthy Seeds you should Definitely Eat more Often


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