Sesame Seeds: 5 Things that Prove it’s Healthy

No matter how small they are, sesame seeds are a source of food, known from the past as extremely beneficial to the health. The seeds themselves are, indeed, very tiny. Their length ranges from 3 to 4mm while they are about 2mm wide. Namely because of their size they are often underestimated and even forgotten. Well, that must change now, though! Here are 5 things, which prove that sesame seeds are good for your health:
  1. Control diabetes
Sesame’s components, including the very important element magnesium, are often associated with lower risk of diabetes. However, if someone is already a diabetic patient, this doesn’t mean they should stop the consumption of those seeds. On the contrary, this food might also help soothe diabetes’ symptoms. Sesame may even complement the functions of some pills and additionally control the insulin and glucose levels.
  1. Reduce blood pressure
Sesame’s natural oils can also have quite a beneficial effect on people with high blood pressure. If you eat them regularly enough, this may decrease the pressure on your heart and thus prevent from various cardiovascular diseases. What’s more, magnesium is long-known as a vasodilator (an agent that’s able to open the blood vessels and reduce high blood pressure).
  1. Prevent from cancer
With its wide range of vitamins and minerals, it’s hardly surprising that sesame may prevent from cancer formation. The seeds are also thought to contain phytate, which is a rare compound that can help you avoid cancer cells growth. How phytate actually acts is by reducing the bad effects from free radicals that we all know as enemies.
  1. Protect from radiation
Believe it or not, this has something to do with the previous point. One of the strangest organic compounds in sesame is sesamol, a derivative of phenol. Specialists say it has to do with protecting our DNA from radiation’s bad impact. As you probably know, radioactivity may come from random sources, but it can also be a result of cancer treatment. By protecting the DNA from mutations, sesame seeds can thus reduce the risk of cancer formation. Does it ring a bell? sesame seeds
  1. Improve digestion
Sesame seeds are also a great source of fibers, just like many other seeds and nuts. As a matter of fact, food experts say that fibers are extremely important for digestion because they stimulate peristalsis. This might reduce or prevent any stomach issues while it may also protect the colon’s health. Good news is fibers can also work for the heart by eliminating the bad LDL cholesterol from the arteries and the blood vessels. So, it turns out you get a lot more than you can probably think with just a handful of sesame seeds! Wanna buy some seeds? Check this offer out! You might also like to read more about health on our Blog section: 5 Reasons Why you Should Eat Okra (+Bonus Tip) 3 Things to Focus on If you Have High Blood Pressure Stay Healthy - Eat Almonds: 5 Health Benefits you Wouldn’t Expect


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