Hard vs. Soft Cheese: 9 things that you Might be Interested to Know

The market shelves are full of all kinds of cheese types today. If you are passionate enough, you can even find either the most expensive sort, or probably the rarest one. Soft, hard, sweet or salty, smelly or not, cheese is always a great addition to the table. Here are 9 things that you might be interested to know about hard and soft types of cheese:
  • Hard cheese
  1. Well, this one is most likely one of the most popular sorts and you can actually find it quite easily. This product is said to have lots of beneficial properties as it’s full of microelements that our body needs. This is definitely to be confirmed by cheese experts!
  2. Some of the elements found in hard cheese are magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B and lots of probiotics. This means that it can give you energy, supply the brain with enough oxygen and even make your muscles stronger. What’s more, there’s some information that using hard cheese in your diet may slow down the aging process (thank you, probiotics!). hard cheese types
  3. You have probably noticed that most hard cheeses have a thick wax layer all around them, right? Well, it’s their natural “frame” and its function is to make the cheese last longer.
  4. Did you also know that the aging process isn’t this fast as most of us think? In fact, the production of such a product may take from 3 months to 3 years in total! Of course, the price would ‘tell’ you how old the cheese is. The younger it is, the cheaper the price!
  5. In case you think hard cheese is for everyone, well, you might be wrong. It turns out that people who suffer from hypertonia or those with kidney issues shouldn’t eat lots of hard cheese. What’s more, pregnant women should also be careful when consuming it!
  • Soft cheese:
  1. Contrary to hard types, soft ones tend to contain a big amount of liquids. Of course, you can judge by the outer appearance. You don’t need to be an expert in order to state this!
  2. Soft cheeses can also be quite good for the body as they might help the nervous system, soothe stress and tiredness. There’s even a theory that a person who eats soft cheese every day will sleep well and will never suffer from insomnia. soft cheese types
  3. Some of the most famous (and probably most delicious!) sorts are: Cheshire (England), Feta (Greece), Philadelphia (France), Ricotta (Italy) and some others. Which one is your favourite? In case you say feta, you’re definitely a cheese connoisseur. Read more about it in this article!
  4. In comparison to hard cheese sorts that always take time to age, soft ones do not need super long to mature. That’s great because it means you can grab them right away! And they are super tasty!
No matter which type you choose, always remember that “Cheese brings a smile on your face! Whether you are saying it, or eating it!” Check out our Dairy section and choose your favourite product by category as you click here!


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