Food Guide: 4 Essential Products to Always have in Your Kitchen

The days are long and exhausting, you’ve been constantly working against the clock and still, you didn’t manage to finish everything you started. Evening is here and all you need is a glass of wine, a lovely pet around you and (probably) a nice book for a little “you-time”. However, what you’ve gotta do is cook the dinner, feed the family, clean it all up and, hey, it’s already sleep o’clock! In case this sounds familiar to you and you wish to avoid it, you might want to stock some food in the fridge (or in the kitchen as a whole). This can definitely save your day! Here’s 4 essential products that you should always have handy:
  1. Coriander
This wonderful spice, which is a big part of many sauces and stews (not unreasonably!), can give a nice flavor to almost anything. From vegetables to meat – it truly is a ‘wonder-herb’! Plus, let’s not forget that coriander is thought to be good for the health, so there’s another reason why you should always have it at home. coriander
  1. Mustard
Although you can use a bunch of products to make your own mustard, technology has made life much easier today! There are amazing types of mustard on the market, so you just have to try and find your favorite one. And because once you open the jar you have to keep it cool, the fridge is the place for it. Mustard is ideal for sandwiches, veggies, red meat, sausages and even for salad dressings. Hey, check this article out to find more about why mustard is a-must!
  1. Mayonnaise
Speaking of mustard, we can’t help but mention the all-time favorite mayo! This product is said to be rich in vitamin E and is a main ingredient in lots and lots and lots of recipes. People usually use it to make sandwiches, potato or egg salads, to cook meat and who knows what else. Just make sure to store it in the fridge so it can last longer!
  1. Milk
“All you need is milk!”, some would say. Of course, we would also include yoghurt here. These two are definitely something you should always keep at hand…Just in case! They can not only become a part of a meal, but you can also have them separately. A bowl full of yoghurt as a ‘light dinner’ or a glass of hot milk before bed – precious! Hey, follow our Blog because there are more articles coming up ahead! In the meantime, check some of the previous ones as they’re also quite interesting: 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day with Yoghurt 10 Facts about Herbs & Spices you (probably) Didn’t Know 4 Traditional Greek Goodies you Must Try


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