Healthy & Tasty: 8 Things you Should Know about Vine Leaves

One of the best things you can delight on during autumn is vine leaves. To be honest, they usually don’t go in the ‘gourmet’ menus in restaurants. What a shame! They must be. Most people who know food well say that vine leaves are among the most delicious meals. Plus, one should be handy in order to cook them the right way, either with meat, mince or veggies. Here’s 8 things that you should know about vine leaves before you serve them on the table:
  1. Well, this food is mostly common on the Balkans, but you can also find it elsewhere. That’s why there are all kinds of variations. Some people even prefer to switch vine leaves with cabbage ones. However, we would suggest that you stick to those of grapes as they are right in the season.
  2. Usually, the traditional recipe for stuffed vine leaves includes meat, in one way or another. As food lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, though, today we can also stumble upon the so-called ‘vegetarian vine leaves’. You can guess what’s the filling, right? stuffed vine leaves
  3. The truth is you can use either fresh or marinated vine leaves, if you are willing to get wild in the kitchen. The only specific thing you should know is to search for leaves that are not too big or elastic.
  4. Lots of housewives tend to cook this food with extra virgin olive oil. Great choice, we would say! This way you’ll avoid getting a super dry dish even if your filling isn’t that juicy. As a matter of fact, EVOO in combination with herbs and spices give such an amazing taste to the leaves. Makes you long for more!
  5. Hey, did you actually know that vine leaves can be quite healthy as well? How would it be otherwise considering the fact that grapes are a health bomb themselves! What’s more, when you add a high-quality meat filling, then you get a great source of fibers as well.
  6. Food specialists claim that vine leaves do not contain any cholesterol. When prepared with extra virgin olive oil, the picture changes slightly, but the food still stays heart-friendly.
  7. By eating vine leaves you might also supply your body with plenty of vitamin A and C. These two buddies are thought to be good for our immune system and they might also protect us from various infections.
  8. Good thing to know is that it’s advisable to use vine leaves, which are previously soaked in salted water. So, if you cannot get them right from your garden, at least make sure to buy such ones.
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