Herbs’ Secret: 5 Tips about Herbs and Cooking – Part 3

David Hoffmann’s words about herbs are something that we should all take some time to muse upon. Herbalism was the grounding of flower power. Nature woke us up.” Are you awake? Of course, no one says you should go too far with using herbs in your daily life. However, those ‘nature creatures’ are definitely a must when it comes to health and self-respect. Let’s get right into our Part 3 of the most interesting tips about herbs and cooking:
  1. Coriander
When used in the kitchen, coriander seeds are great for various types of marinades. What’s more, their specific character makes a real good match with black and white pepper. It’s not a surprise that people sell this wonderful herbal combination right onto the market shelves! Of course, many people would prefer using coriander in its fresh state, which is also quite of an experience. The plant’s leaves are known to be a nice addition to gazpacho. They are mostly used in Spain, Mexico and India. Coriander
  1. Tarragon
This super special herb is also popular as one of the best magnetic characteristics of culinary art. Tarragon is said to be ideal for fish and white meat like chicken with light sauce. Its exotic kind of sweetish taste and flavors make it a perfect fit to any cream sauce. By the way, people also use it in its dried version. However, you might wanna keep in mind that tarragon doesn’t go with any product, so you should be quite careful when seasoning your meal with it. Tarragon
  1. Juniper
Oh that’s a must in case you are cooking game! And it’s not us who say this; it is a dozen of professional cooks. According to some experts juniper is an excellent addition to dark meat when combined with gin. Chefs also add some anise when preparing dark sauces and veal. However, this might seem challenging for some people, so it is also a thing to be cautious for. Juniper
  1. Horse-radish
Definitely a dangerous territory! In case you have not tried it yet, horse-radish tends to have super intense, piquant and tart taste. We are not saying it is not nice, but it is just not for everybody. Keep in mind, though, that it is known to be super healthy! So, it goes well with veal, pork and some dairy sauces. Use fresh! horse-radish
  1. Cinnamon
Here comes the time for something sweet. Whether it’s going to be as powder or directly with the stick, cinnamon is always great! However, it is not the perfect thing only for desserts as many people actually think. The herb is also great for meat marinades. It suits to game, veal, duck and even mutton. How cool is that! cinnamon Which of these herbs is your favorite one? Don’t forget to drop us a comment down below! 4 Questions about Sausage that Explain Everything Hydration during Sickness – Why is it so Important? 5 Herbs that will Make the Fish taste Amazing!


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