How to Make Use of Old Coffee Beans: 6 Alternative Ideas

As it’s starting to smell more and more like winter these days, we can’t help but think of sitting on the home couch with a hot drink in hand. Of course, the most beloved ones are tea and coffee! Today we’re focusing on the latter because (as you might have noticed) we are huge coffee fans.

In case you’re also a desperate coffee lover, you must have some old coffee beans somewhere at home. Before you throw them away, how about you try some creative ways to use them?

Here are 6 alternative ideas you could take advantage of:

  1. Use them as scrub

By mixing coffee grounds with high quality honey, you can easily make yourself a homemade body scrub. This way you may apply it on the face and the rest of your body to keep your skin soft and smooth. Or you could try getting rid of under eye bags by applying some “coffee mask”. For more ideas on how to exfoliate your skin with coffee, check out this article!

2. Turn them into aromaizer

All you have to do is take your old coffee beans and place them in a bowl. Then put it at this place at your home where you feel an unpleasant smell you can’t get rid of. You can even do this with your own skin smell. For example, if you happened to work with fish and your hands keep stinking, rub some coffee grounds between them. Smart, huh!

3. Try sowing with them

What do you we mean? Well, you probably know that coffee itself might serve as a great fertilizer. So, when you mix it with carrot seeds and sow them after that, you will most likely make sowing-time much easier. What’s more, this might also beat off any rootworms, insects and other pests.

4. Use them as dung

Speaking of sowing and coffee compost, you should know there are other ways to use it as well. For instance, you may mix coffee grounds with warm water and use this as a foliar spray. Your home plants will thank you as coffee grounds are known to be quite rich in nutrients.

coffee as fertilizer

5. Turn them into brown paint

Have you ever wanted to make a DIY present for a special birthday, for some holiday or just for fun? If yes, you have probably gone through a number of ways how to make it as natural as possible. Well, by taking old coffee beans you are able to turn them into a 100% natural paint. With it you may even dye your Easter eggs, a piece of cloth, paper or else.

6. Beat cellulite

According to some specialists, coffee itself may be powerful enough to help you cope with cellulite. For all of you, ladies and gentlemen, who have this unpleasant body condition, there might be a solution. It’s not scientifically proven that coffee can actually help, but you could always try at least.

coffee against cellulite

Did you like today’s topic? Expect more alternative ideas of old coffee beans in the following articles!

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