The Croissant Guide: 4 Steps Away from the Perfect Pastry

Did you get your morning croissant today? All it takes is a little effort, love and of course, will. What’s better than waking up to a fluffy, delicious pastry combined with some hot, flavorful coffee?!

Before we get to the essence, though, let’s learn something more about croissants themselves. It turns out this food became famous back in history, and more specifically in Vienna where people called it ‘kipferl’ (roll). It was Marie Antoinette who later introduced this delicacy in France and it became known as ‘croissant’.

Basically, all you need to know about croissants gets into three words: butter, butter and more butter!

So, here’s what else you can do to make the perfect pastry at home:

  1. Be as fast as lightning

Hey, don’t rush too much, of course. Nobody wants a broken leg, a damaged kitchen board of anything like this! What you need to be careful about is (again) butter. The faster you work, the less are the chances that it starts melting. However, if you’re still a bit clumsy and end up with a warm butter, you can always refrigerate for a while.

2. Get creative

If things are not going according to plan, stay calm and avoid panic. Remember: each problem has a solution! So, if somehow the butter starts making its way through the dough, put some flour, cool and move on. Usually, we don’t want this to happen because it may ruin the structure. However, the food always goes to one place in the end, right?

3. Never throw the excess away

Many people, especially tyro bakers, tend to throw the dough rests away. We suggest you don’t do this. First of all, it’s food and it’s important, and secondly, you can always make use of something useless! When you have lots of remains from the dough, you can simply get them together and form some mini-croissants.

4. Go for diversity

“Sky is the limit.”, as people say. When it comes to croissants’ making, it’s only your imagination that can stop you. You are always welcome to try new versions in order to get different tastes, structure or whatever.

For example, how about putting some chocolate spread in the very core of each triangle and roll your croissants then? That’s definitely going to be worth the mess!


What you might also go for are nuts. You can use them both for filling and for seasoning on top.

Herbs like cinnamon (an exotic one!) are a good idea, too, as it will most likely give an incredible flavor.

You are craving for a salty croissant? No problem! Just take any type of cheese you like, some ham or other kind of sausage and roll. Trust me, these ‘buddies’ are even worthy of a main course at dinner!

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