Hydration during Sickness – Why is it so Important?

“Healthy, hydrated cells are the key to ageless skin and healthy body.” That’s something hardly anyone can deny, especially if you ask an expert. The truth is we all know that it’s super important to drink liquids, but that’s only theoretical. Do we actually do it? No matter how good a lifestyle you lead, sometimes the inevitable comes. Whether it’s gonna be the flu, a simple cold or a more serious condition like Covid-19, it just happens. Of course, together with everything that your doctor recommends, you should always remember to drink more! So, why is hydration so important when you are sick? Let’s find out together! It turns out that even if you have a super strong immune system, the viruses can still ‘catch’ you. Then your body would normally react by signalizing with cough, high temperature, sore throat or stuffy nose. It’s true that in such cases some of your best friends might be vitamins, pills and food. However, we often tend to forget that we must hydrate as well! hydration benefits In fact, hydration should probably be among the first and very important factors when it comes to fighting illnesses. However, if you think that all kinds of liquids are acceptable when sick, well, you are wrong. Specialists say that there are certain drinks, which are not really recommended during these bad periods. Why is that? Well, first of all, it comes down to the drinks’ characteristics. That’s what you should be cautious about. For example, fizzy drinks as well as coffee might not be the best thing to choose while having the flu. That’s because the sugar within the fizzy drink can slow down digestion and affect your organism as a whole. What’s more, it might even irritate the throat and the stomach. On the other hand, coffee can have diuretic effects, which helps eliminate liquids faster. Great, but when you are ill the idea is to store enough liquids within your body so that it can effectively hydrate. Makes sense, right? Secondly, the drinks’ temperature is another thing to think about. It’s a popular fact that tea is the drink we should all have more often while being sick. That’s because the hot teas are able to balance the inner temperature and help the body fight with infections. Of course, it’s all thanks to the healthy herbs that are in the boiled water, but it doesn’t mean we should take them only when having high temperature. (Obviously!) tea All in all, you shouldn’t forget that even after feeling better and having no temperature at all, you still have to take liquids. This applies especially if you did take antibiotics or other medications that are quite strong for the organism. In these cases, by drinking enough liquids like water and tea, you will clean up your body much faster from the toxins and all the bad stuff. In case you find this article useful, please leave a comment down below and tell us your opinion! Thank you! Check out our Drink selection and choose according your condition! Click here to shop!


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