Leek: Your Winter Friend - 5 reasons to Have it More often

When you hear the word leek you probably don’t think of something super exotic or ancient. This is actually more of a standard veggie that we often associate with simple home recipes. However, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. So, no matter how ‘normal’ this vegetable is, it definitely is something that deserves attention. And because it’s still winter, you can find leek quite often, whether it’s on the market or even online. (What a modern world, huh!) So, here’s 5 reasons why leek should be on your daily menu:
  1. Prebiotic source
If you think there’s no difference between PRObiotics and PREbiotics, you’re wrong. Well, it’s true that both are ‘the good guys’, but they, in fact, differ from one another. Specialists say that you can take as much probiotics as you wish, but until you combine them with prebiotics, it’s no big deal. That’s because probiotics need the others in order to form healthy colonies. Luckily, leek is said to be a great source of prebiotics and once they hit the stomach, the probiotics there would say “home, sweet home!”.
  1. Gut health
Speaking of stomach, we can’t help but mention how important your gut health is. Most people even think that life starts from the stomach because it’s where all the bacteria, whether it’s good or bad, "lives". So, good news is leek contains inulin. Specialists say it ferments in the large intestine and serves as food for the good bacteria (probiotics). And that’s where everything about your health condition really starts functioning!
  1. Antioxidants
As most veggies, leek is also thought to be full of antioxidants, more specifically polyphenols and sulfur compounds. This means that eating leek can help you fight with body acidity and thus protect you from various diseases. chopped leek
  1. Infection-free
We’ve all suffered from some kind of infection(s) at least once in our life, right? And everyone can confirm it’s terrible! So, another element that leek has plenty of is allicin. In case you don’t know anything about it, this is an organosulfur compound and it can be another huge asset for our health.
  1. Weight loss protection
Did you know that this green vegetable might be able to help you lose weight? Not only can it be your friend when it comes to weight loss, but it may also protect from obesity. It’s because leek is considered to be low on calories (61cal/100g) and high on fibers. A university research even shows that the veggie can act in such a way that you feel site most of the time. Goodbye, extra fat! Hey, have you tried leek wrapped in a pie? If not, you should definitely catch up as it’s super delicious! Greek pie with leek and feta cheese Go grab your Greek pie with leek and feta cheese as you click here!


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