Kataifi: 6 Interesting Things you Should Know about It

“When you’re stressed, you eat loukoumades, kataifi and galaktoboureko. Why? Because STRESSED spelled backwards if DESSERTS.” Although kataifi isn’t actually a dessert itself (it’s a product), we can definitely agree it’s the best way to treat stress. So, in case this ‘word’ doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever tasted, here are 6 things that might throw some light…Keep reading!
  1. What is it, after all?
Kataifi (that’s the Greek version, though), a.k.a. kadaif, is said to be one of the tastiest oriental foods. It’s mainly popular as a dessert, but you have to do your best to make it become one!
  1. A dessert or not?
Basically, this product represents shredded ‘spaghetti-like’ dough that can turn both into salty and sweet dishes. The process for the whole making isn’t so simple, though, and that’s why we’re leaving this to the specialists. kataifi
  1. What do you need to cook it?
Hey, don’t let that scare you, though! It’s not that hard to make a kataifi dessert after all! Actually, all it takes are a tasty cream, butter, syrup, walnuts and some heat. There are plenty of recipes online but we’ll prepare one for you any time now!
  1. Greeks’ or Turks’ – whose is it?
Did you know Greece and Turkey defend themselves for having kadaif as their traditional food? Well, there’s nothing strange about it, by the way. The geographical location of these two countries automatically makes them share some of the national foods and drinks.
  1. Kunefe – another tasty variation?
For example, in Turkey some people use kadaif itself to cook the so called kunefe. Despite the fact that it contains a whole lot of cheese inside, people say it’s “the king of Turkish desserts”. Kunefe
  1. Where is it also popular?
By the way, you already know that kataifi is thought to be an oriental food. However, don’t think that the fact that Greeks have it makes their country oriental. Well, of course it has some cultural traces somewhere just like many others. In fact, kadaif is a very popular dish in Bulgaria and Lebanon as well. Do you like kataifi dessert? If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to prepare it for your family and friends. Meanwhile, shop from our kataifi and other filo pastry products as you click here!


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