Did you Know these 10 Curious Facts about Bubble Gum?

“For some reason, chewing gum for me gets my brain going.”, says the famous actress Brie Larson. Well, we have to say that’s definitely for a reason! And if you wanna know how bubble gums can affect the brain, check out this article. Now we suggest you make yourself comfortable and enjoy our 10 fun and interesting facts we’ve got for you.
  1. Have you given a thought about where the idea of chewing gum came from? If no, this fact will make your jaw drop! Ancient people used to chew tree resin just for fun. And guess what…it’s how the bubble gum ‘addiction’ came out for the first time.
  2. Actually, gums are popular as one of the oldest types of bonbons. Ever thought of chewing gums as a sweet? bubble gum candy
  3. In 1848 it was John B. Curtis who produced and sold the first commercial chewing gum. Do you know how it’s called? “State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum”. Quite a name for a gum, huh?!
  4. About 20 years later William Semple became the first man to patent a chewing gum. Can you guess what he did for a living? He was a dentist, of course.
  5. Hey, let’s appreciate sapodilla tree’s juice (a.k.a. chicle) for a while! If it’s not for this specific type of juice, we wouldn’t know what a pleasure it is to chew a gum. sapodilla tree
  6. During World War II soldiers have spread the bubble gum’s fame all over the world. Can you imagine?! They even used to give it as a present to people from Europe, Africa and Asia.
  7. Around 1890 William Wrigley Jr., who was a chewing gum industrialist, started advertising Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. Surprisingly, today it’s still one of the most popular gums in the world.
  8. Do you know which country is said to produce the most chewing gums? It’s Turkey with more than 60 bubble gum factories!
  9. What chewing gum color is your favorite? Of course, kids enjoy pink and blue ones. It turns out the first gums were namely pink and today it’s still the most common color.
  10. How about the most popular gum flavors? Nowadays you’ll most likely find peppermint or cinnamon bubble gum flavorings. And, let’s admit it, these are truly amazing!
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