Why do we Love Chocolate so Much: Let’s see What Scientists Say

Good chocolate is like love – wonderful, melting, sweet and sour at the same time…and you don’t want it to end. Isn’t this right?! Just like love, chocolate can bring some color to the monotonous, grey days and make you feel alive again. Do you keep a secret choco bar in the fridge or somewhere safe where only you can reach? You tear the package and promise yourself to take a single bar…Somehow you end up with an empty package in your hands. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry. ‘Chocolate maniacs” are everywhere, because (let’s be honest here!) this addiction dates hundreds and thousands of years ago. So, the big question still is: “Why do we love chocolate so much?” Australian scientists did a research on how polyphenols in chocolate affect our mood and cognitive functions. For 30 days 72 volunteers (men and women) used to have a choco drink with varying amount of polyphenols (from 0 to 500mg). The results show that there’s no significant change in the cognitive functions. However, those who took about 500mg of polyphenols every day said they feel much more energized and “in the mood”. chocolate on brain functioning It turns out that chocolate is like a drug for us, people. Its consumption may lead to dopamine release – the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter. So, when your brain associates chocolate with such a pleasure, it automatically starts to crave for it. Actually, such an addiction can happen with lots of other foods as well. However, ‘chocologists’ claim there must be something special in chocolate that makes it so adorable. OK, let’s leave the science for a while and try to answer the big question by ourselves… Why do we love chocolate so much?
  • We love chocolate, because it’s the most delicious thing on Earth.
  • We love it, because it’s in the “don’t-eat-often”
  • Because it’s the perfect type of dessert…
  • Because it’s the best way to cope with depression.
Or, how about something like:
  • “We love chocolate, because it goes well with the best drink ever – wine.”
There are so many answers we could think of when it comes to our ‘chocolate love’. Quite honestly, we wouldn’t give up on such a pleasure… Would you? Hey, forget about all restrictions and diets and treat yourself with the best of the best! Grab your cocoa temptation here!


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