Linden Tea: 4 Important things about Its Magical Effects

June might be already gone but we still keep the memory of lime (linden) blossoms’ aroma! There’s hardly anyone who can’t recognize the amazing smell that goes in the air when you are around this herb. If you’re familiar with linden’s look, then you definitely know how beautiful this tree is. With all its grace, it gives out fascinating flavors but -you know what - that’s not all! Linden tree’s health properties are countless. In fact, this herb was used in the past as medicine all across Europe. So, you probably know that the easiest way to get the best out of lime tree is to brew some tea. What effects linden tea may have on you? Keep reading! linden
  1. Better sleep
As specialists say this spice has soothing effects, they usually advice people with insomnia to have a cup of linden tea before bed. Basically, it can relieve the nervous system and make you fall asleep easier.
  1. Healthy kidney
Lime blossoms might act diuretically and they are appropriate for people with various kidney diseases and, also, high blood pressure. What’s more, linden tea might act as a pain-killer for extreme migraine.
  1. Strong organism
In folk medicine people use linden tea for different infections and sicknesses that lead to weak immune system. The hot tea will most likely provoke sweating and throwing away any toxins from the body. So, next time you’ve got the flu, make yourself some tea!
  1. Higher appetite levels
Many people suffer from appetite loss from time to time, but the most important thing is to take the right measures. A well-balanced diet would be great, but don’t forget to consume linden tea as it stimulates the peristalsis and increases appetite. Despite all this, there are cases when this herbal tea is not the best thing for you. When should you avoid it? Let’s see:
  • It’s not advisory for you to drink linden tea if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Even if you love the tea, you better restrict its use to max 3 cups a day, especially in case you’re taking diuretic pills. This way you may end up dehydrated.
  • People with anemia should avoid combining the herbal tea with food supplements that contain Why? Linden tea might decrease the iron content that’s absorbed by the body.
  • As you already know that this herb helps you sleep better, be wise to consume it before driving.
How often do you drink linden tea? Share with us in the comments below. By the way, in case you still don’t have it in your kitchen cupboard, make your orders here!


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