List of 4 Foods and Drinks to Avoid on an Empty Stomach

‘You are not you when you’re hungry.’ We all know what this famous quote wants to say, right? No matter how hungry you are, experts suggest that we should be very cautious when eating or drinking on an empty stomach. Why? Let’s find out!
  1. Sweets
That’s probably the most popular (and easy!) thing to have for breakfast. However, even if you choose to have something sweet to start the day with, make sure not to get too far with it. Specialists say that the pancreas will find it difficult to produce enough insulin to dissolve the glucose. For that very reason you might think of something else to snack on. sweets on empty stomach
  1. Tomatoes
Don’t be sad, you can have those any time of the day, if you combine them with another type of food. Sounds tempting, huh! Truth is that tomatoes contain a lot of acid, which is why you might have heart-burn. By the way, the same thing applies also for apples and potatoes, so watch out for these!
  1. Coffee
OK, we know this might totally disappoint you. This shouldn’t lower your spirit, though! You don’t have to give up on your favorite thing in the morning. Just wait until you get something to eat. So, why coffee is in the ‘don’t’ list? However strange it may seem, this drink is said to produce lots of gastric juice, which affects the mucosa.
  1. Green veggies
Although all types of vegetables are good for your health, you should be careful when having them on an empty stomach. Raw green veggies tend to have amino acids that can be quite aggressive to the gastric mucosa. Here’s a super simple idea on how to still have these whenever you want! Use the vegetables as a garnish. Simple as that! vegetables on empty stomach Remember that good nutrition is the base of a healthy body! Having this in mind, food experts suggest to have grains for breakfast. They are proven to be full of vitamins and healthy microelements that can give us power and energy. Hey, don’t forget about the eggs and nuts as well! Always pick your food wisely and, when you do, get it from our e-store as you click here!


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