5 Curious Questions about Vegetarians and their Lifestyle

“Somewhere between lies and truth lies the truth”, right? If you google it, you’ll find plenty of of ‘for’ and ‘against’ articles about vegetarianism. Today we’re not gonna assess whether it’s good or not to go meatless. Just the contrary, we would like to show you the curious side of this food philosophy. Keep reading!
  1. Who are vegetarians in general?
Vegetarians are by no means people who follow a strict fruit-vegetable kind of diet. Don’t kid yourself! In fact, this specific way of living is based on the principles that derive from ancient Indian and Greek philosophy. For the Greeks not to consume meat means harmony between body and soul as well as desire to maintain good health and tonus. Read more about it here.
  1. Guess who the first known vegetarian was!
OK, here are some tips. First of all, he had quite a philosophical approach towards people and life itself. He was Greek and lived long, long time ago. Plus, he was pretty good at maths. Actually, so good that there’s a whole theory named after him. Is the answer now clear, huh?! It’s Pythagoras, of course! The phrase “Pytaghoras’ food” is very popular and it applies for plant-based food namely because of him.
  1. “Why would someone quit meat?!”, you might be asking.
Well, people become vegetarians for numerous reasons. It can be due to medical condition(s), political, cultural or religious beliefs, ecological issues or even an economic crisis. You’ll most likely hear that someone stops eating meat because of moral reasons. As a matter of fact, the ancient Indian philosophy teaches that humans shouldn’t do any harm to the animals as a whole.
  1. What does science say?
So, let’s get to the bottom of things! There are scientific researches, which prove that vegetarianism can be quite beneficial, by the way. According recent data from numerous studies such kind of diet can increase metabolism and help burn more fat and calories. Seems like a cool thing to muse upon, doesn’t it?!
  1. Okay, but how do vegetarians provide themselves with enough proteins?
vegetarian proteins It’s simple, guys! Here’s a quick example. Lentils + peanuts = steak. Yes, that’s right! Specialists say that the human organism can easily supply itself with proteins and energy by getting enough legumes, nuts and seeds. If you want to read more interesting articles like this, follow our blog! Plus, don’t forget to like our Facebook page to keep up with all the news!


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