Metaxa: a Quick Guide on How to Exceed the Greek Experts

You want something exquisite and extraordinary? You are quite interested in alcoholic drinks’ chemistry and their impact on us? Well, you are most likely at the right place, guys! Metaxa is not just a simple brandy. It is a special drink that the world knows for more than 100 years now. However old it may be, there are still a lot of questions about this interesting product. It has such a unique character that it’s hardly just an alcohol… Specialists say that the drinks’ symbol is created in honour of the Ancient Greeks’ winning against the Persians in a sea battle near Salamina city. If you want to learn more about the origin of the drink, the company symbol and some other curious facts, make sure to read this article! Anyways, in order to get into the ‘real expert category’ and even surpass the famous Greeks, who are definitely professionals, you will need to dive deep!
  1. Look at the colors
As with wine, the first and probably most important thing is to look closely with your eyes. Both literally and metaphorically! The visual appearance of a high-quality metaxa will have a very delicate amber color. It will most likely be enriched with some other shades of gold or dark velvet. Just look!
  1. Be sure to scent
There’s no better way to get to know a drink than using all of your senses! The aromas of the Greek brandy go from very intense fruit notes to floral and even copper ones. Yummy! metaxa
  1. Taste
When it comes to tasting, becoming an expert for metaxa is no much different than it is for wine. A really good drink would have a super gentle soft touch to your palate, which wouldn’t leave any harsh aftertaste at all.
  1. Choose precisely
When picking the best drink, you better don’t forget that it’s not just an expensive brandy. Or rakia, as many people tend to confuse those! Greek metaxa belongs to authentic recipes with no analogues. You will hardly find them on the bookshelves, for sure! Do you have something to add? Feel free to drop us a comment down below! How to Get the Most Out of Beer - 2 Simple Tips with Steps Caffeine & Blood Pressure: What do They Have in Common? (+ a Quick Home Test) 3 Most Common Wine Faults that We Often Face


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