Mortadella: 2 Things you (probably) didn’t Know about this Popular Meat

Mortadella – how beautiful this name sounds, huh!? In fact, it’s the name of a very popular sausage that the world has known fa a long time. Of course, we can’t deny that its origin is thought to be Italy and more specifically the city of Bologna. Enough with the hints, though! Today we are going to reveal 2 things that you most likely don’t know about mortadella. Keep reading!
  1. Composition
The article would seem somehow empty, if we don’t talk about the meat’s composition! Now that we know the sausage comes from the Italian regions, we can guess that it consists of…finely ground pork. In case you don’t know, pork is considered to be the most common cured meat all across the country and it turns out Italians really enjoy eating it. However, it doesn’t only come to the meat, of course! They combine it with olives, peppers, coriander seeds and lots of other tasty ingredients to make it even better. mortadella's composition
  1. History
“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt was definitely right and this is why we should mention a little something about mortadella’s history as well. This delicious sausage turns out to have a long history that dates back from 800 years ago. This was the time when people in Bologna used to celebrate the foundation of their own association. In order for them to mark the event they thought it would be a good idea to come up with a new way to process pork meat. This is actually how mortadella came to life. The sausage was named after something that resembled a mortar, used in the Middle Ages to grind meat. The machinery was called Mortarium. Can you now guess why is this so related to the name ‘mortadella’?
mortarium Mortarium
In fact, the meat turned out to be the reason why the association became so popular. What’s more, it was then when the sausage started spreading not only in Italy, but also across the globe. And, no matter that most people believe that mortadella showed up back in the 14th century, there’s a legend that says something else. It tells us that the first prototype of the famous Italian sausage has been produced during the Roman times. According to the same legend, the meat was then combined with a flavorful bush called myrtatum. And this is also another reference to why mortadella carries its name today. Did you find the article useful? Feel free to comment and share your impressions with family and friends! In the meantime, check out our Mortadella ala Sicily as you click here!


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