Why are Oat Flakes the Perfect thing for Breakfast – Part 2

Being one of the most recommended types of food, oat flakes are simply amazing! They’re full of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and also vitamin B, which is great, right? So, last time we talked about oat flakes we discussed some of the most common health benefits they have. In case you’ve missed the article, check it out here. OK, without further ado, let’s see what else they’ve got for us:
  1. Boost the immune system
Thanks to the high content of vitamins, proteins, beta glucan (naturally occurring polysaccharides) this type of food is very good in case you want to make your immune system stronger. Here’s how it works: it’s said that the vitamins and minerals in oats help the neutrophils, which are the most abundant leucocytes (white blood cells) in the peripheral blood, to get to the place of infection in your body very quickly and thus eliminate any bacteria.
  1. Make the skin prettier
Oat flakes’ skin benefits are very popular actually because a huge part of the beauty cosmetics contain namely oat. The magic comes from vitamin K, B, zinc, carotene and others, which might make the skin brighter, softener and quite smooth. What’s more, oats can also help the skin to preserve the moisture. That’s why a lot of ladies prepare homemade face masks with oat flakes by themselves. oat flakes for skin
  1. Reduce cholesterol
In comparison to lots of other foods oats are extremely rich in soluble fibers. These have the ability to release something like a gel once they get into the stomach. The consequences – you’re starting to feel much more site as this slows down the digestion, which improves the blood sugar levels. You might not know, but one of the main functions of blood sugar is to reduce the bad cholesterol levels. You see, all things are somehow connected!
  1. Increase energy
In case you want to start the day with super power, you need to get those oat flakes into your breakfast bowl. Porridge is rich in proteins and carbohydrates and that’s how it supplies your organism with its energetic needs. Furthermore, according researches oat flakes can improve the metabolism, so you might wanna snack on some oats around 45min before you go to the gym. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re gonna choose oat flakes as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just make sure to include them on the menu. Get the most out of your meals with our original Greek food & drinks as you click here!


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