3 Signs of a Good Quality Beer (+ some Tips)

As there’re still some hot summer days left why don’t we talk a little about everybody’s favorite summer drink?! Quite honestly, when it’s 30C° outside there’s hardly any person who wouldn’t go nuts at the sight of a fresh foamy beer. Speaking of freshness, we have to admit that most of you, beer fans, are crazy about holding a cold, fresh beer in hand. However, do you actually know which the fine points are when it comes to good quality beer? Keep reading to find out!
  1. Experts say that high-quality beer must be bubbling all the time and those bubbles must be super tiny. Why? Well, this means that the beverage is naturally fizzy. In other words it’s been naturally seasoned. On the other hand, if the bubbles are too big and the whole fizziness goes away in no time, that’s definitely not a good sign.
  2. Remember: beer always goes with suds! A good beer would have the foam stuck to the mug. Therefore, with every single sip you’ll be able to notice where the suds ends.
  3. Here’s another tip from the beer experts! In order for you to recognize the good old beer you must know that it would taste great even at room temperature. If the product is of high quality the degrees won't matter! beer
  4. However, if you still like taking it from the fridge, make sure not to have your drink too cold. For the ale types we recommend a temperature between 8 and 10C°.
  5. Good thing to know is that draft beer is much better than bottled one. The reason for this is the fact that broached beer is not that pasteurized.
  6. Hey, have you heard about how Ancient Czechs used to test whether a beer was good or not? Well, back then the brewer was supposed to pour a barrel full of beer over an oak bench. Then the members of the local board had to sit on it wearing leather trousers. If the clothes didn’t stick to the bench in a while, the selling of this specific batch of beer was absolutely prohibited.
Who would have thought that recognizing good beer would be so easy? Try our variety of Greek beers and do the tests yourself!


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