Oil Pulling – Read What Happens When You Do It

We all tend to use olive, sunflower and other oils to give the meals the flavor we want. But have you given a thought about in what other ways can these liquids be used?! Olive oil appears to be very effective not only when used in our salads, but it also has a lot of benefits for our body. At the Ukrainian Congress on Oncology and Bacteriology Dr. Karachi concludes that the so called oil pulling can lead to many positive results for the organism! So, what is actually oil pulling? This simple method requires you to take a spoonful of some good, high-quality olive oil when you get up in the morning and start swishing. The time depends on your personal preferences but experts say it should be no less than 5 minutes. After that just let those dirty toxins go out of your mouth as you spit the liquid. That’s all! Simple as that! oil pulling Now let’s see how exactly it works: Researches in this field show that oil pulling has the function of gradually eliminating all toxins from the body and thus, boosting the immune system. This allows our organism to cope with all kinds of illnesses without having to use the contemporary medicines that have seized the world nowadays! More and more doctors and scientists claim that oil pulling is capable of healing or reducing the symptoms of thrombosis, arthritis, paralysis, gastric ulcer, different types of gynecological problems, migraine, toothache, bronchitis and many more. According to Dr. Karachi the easy procedure is also very effective against tumors, brain damages, neurological and blood illnesses. However, for these conditions one should be more consistent. This means it is advisory to do it on a daily basis for at least a year. However strange may seem to you, oil pulling is very good for the health and with time you will see that it might become a habit you can’t afford to miss! The perfect timing is 20 minutes swishing on an empty stomach. When you come to this point, be sure that you will feel the positive effects by yourself! Now don’t lose more time and hurry to buy some organic olive oil! Once you try the method, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments! Here's something more to read on the Blog: 3 Q&A about Roe Spread (+ an Easy Recipe) 7 Uncommon Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil Control your Blood Sugar and Fight Diabetes with these 4 Foods


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