“The Pink Stuff” Rosé: 4 Things that Make It So Attractive

“Where there’s will, there’s rosé.” This type of wine is so delicate, so gentle, so tempting…should I go on?! You can most likely finish the list by yourself! They don’t call it ‘the pink stuff’ for no reason, after all. Its baby-like color makes all of us fall for its exquisite look and taste. Just how wonderful rosé is! To be honest, rosé wine is now gaining more and more popularity not only amongst females, but also among the stronger sex. Let’s see 4 things that make it so attractive:
  1. Origin
Generally, rosé is said to come from the South regions of France where people use to enjoy drier wines. As a matter of fact, pink wine can be the ideal choice for the hot summer months. First of all, it’s just as refreshing as the white one and secondly, it has something to do with red wine as well. What? Check out in the next point!
  1. Technology
Rosé is neither white, nor red wine. It’s somewhere in the middle, actually! To produce rosé, people don’t mix both types of wine. No, no, no! They take red grapes but use the technology for white wine production. Read more about the differences between wines in this article! rose colors
  1. Palette
Rosé’s taste has quite a wide scope – from elegant, delicate and fine to intense and most often ‘fruity’. The same goes for its colors, by the way! They can vary from pearly, grey-pink, “salmon” to intense pink colors. Although all this screams “light wine”, that’s not always the case. A glass of rosé can be sweetish, but it can definitely hit hard.
  1. Etiquette
“Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” Although wine, especially rosé, is quite ‘modest’, there are some serving rules to follow. Usually people serve rosé chilled, at about 10 to 12 C°. Sprakling rosé wines should be at even lower temperatures, though (7-9C°). You can use glasses for white wine to pour ‘the pink stuff’, but there are also special ones namely just for it. To learn more about wine serving etiquettes, click here! Did you like today’s article about rosé wine? Drop us some comments down below! Plus, don’t forget to purchase from our variety of wines as you click here!


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