5 More Mistakes People Make when Cooking Chicken (+ Bonus Tips)

Have you given a thought that “chicken is like an electrical car? It is a better alternative, yet still very similar to what we are accustomed to.” Yup, this kind of meat can actually be quite healthy! If you don’t believe it, read this article and check out yourself. However, today we’d rather continue the topic from a few months ago about the most common mistakes we do when cooking chicken. In case you’re eager to know more, go take a look at Part 1 and Part 2.

So, what else can one do wrong?! Let’s find out!

  1. Cook it right from the fridge
If the meat is just chilled (not frozen) and you start cooking it right away, you’re definitely making a mistake. Just like most things in life, meat needs some time to adapt. In about 20 minutes it will loosen and be totally ready to jump in the oven!
  1. Take the skin & bones out
Of course, those who strive for a healthy lifestyle would avoid eating chicken’s skin. We’re not saying you should go against your principles, though! It’s just a better idea to remove bones and skin after the meat is already cooked. In case you do it in advance, it will most likely lose all its tasty liquids and become dry in the end.
  1. No food thermometer
It turns out thermometers are not just for self-check during a cold. These gadgets could also be helpful when cooking chicken or any other meat. Why? Well, they can give you a hint on how the inner heat is. Because, after all, we should aim at certain temperatures (which is about 70-80C°) in order to kill the bad bacteria. food thermometer
  1. Not letting it rest
Again, it’s important for all types of meat. When you let the chicken rest after baking, it will definitely thank you for that! All it takes is about 5 minutes of patience in order for the meat to get its juiciness back to where it belongs. Now, time for the bonus! We’re giving you 2 quick tips on how to know the meat is ready:
  1. Use thermometer!
OK, we already said what the right temperatures are, so this should always be on your list. What you also need to know here is that you have to stick it in the middle of the meat. When you’re cooking a whole chicken or chicken thighs, try stabbing next to the bone.
  1. Jab it!
Take something sharp, like a rotisserie and jab the meat in the middle. Then take the spit out and press the chicken. If there’s a transparent liquid going out, it’s ready. If there’s still some red note, you’ll have to wait for a while until it’s well cooked. 4 Strange and Mysterious Facts about Water 4 of the Best types of Meat you Can afford to Eat 7 Tips on When & How to Eat Sweets to Keep a thin Waistline


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