Sausages: 10 Curious Facts about this Famous Food

Have you ever given a thought about that “love and sausages are alike - one can never have enough of either”? If you think about it, it’s truly a fact. These longish meat delicacies are basically everywhere! You can see them all over the world in supermarkets, restaurants, street food corners, you name it. To put it simply – they are universal. Being many people’s favorite food, sausages are good for any occasions. Their wonderful aroma and taste make them preferable for everybody especially in the modern world we live in! Here’s 10 curious facts about sausages that you’ll love to learn:
  1. The word “sausage” comes from the latin word “salsus”, meaning “salted”. That’s because back in time people had no refrigerators and had to preserve the meat somehow. Creative, huh?
  2. Most sausages consist of pork or veal, which makes them great for those of you who like these types of meat. In case you’re a sausage lover, then we guess this info didn’t surprise you that much, right?!
  3. Let’s see if you know this one! When is the National Sausage pizza day? The date is on the tip of your tongue, but still can't remember? It’s on 11th of October, so prepare yourself as there’s no time left! National sausage pizza day
  4. A very famous and beloved Greek stew is namely beans with sausage that locals call Fassolada me loukaniko. This food is so tasty and nutritious that it makes you feel at home no matter where you eat it. We have to admit those people know how to combine food!
  5. You probably know that most producers use intestines to stuff the sausages, but sometimes this outer casing can be synthetic. Not the best news, right?
  6. What do the legendary Greek author Homer and sausages have in common? Well, this type of food was first mentioned in Homer’s most famous work Odyssey more than 2700 years ago.
  7. Not only Homer was familiar with sausages, though. People used to eat them all the time during the Second World War.
  8. It’s been estimated that every day about 5 million British people consume sausages. What a number, right!?
  9. In addition to the previous point, statistics show that people eat the most sausages on Saturday. sausage breakfast
  10. Even though it’s meat, some prefer sausages for breakfast, while others – for dinner. Data shows that 18% of the people worldwide eat them in the morning and 44% - in the evening.
When is your favorite time to snack on some sausages? Pop your answers in the comments down below! Meanwhile, check out our Greek sausages on our e-store as you click here!


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