6 Health Benefits of Vanilla You wouldn’t Expect

Vanilla is much more than just a flavorful ingredient in our meals! It can also have plenty of health benefits, so you better don’t judge by its small looks. But where does vanilla come from actually? Well, the wonderful aroma we all know derives from orchids of the genus Vanilla. Basically, the plants form the so called vanilla pods which vary in sizes (5-22cm). Plus, that’s where the seeds hide. vanilla plant As we already have some general knowledge about vanilla, let’s see how it may help us, shall we?
  1. Reduces inflammation
In fact, the healing plant has been used to treat various internal inflammations for centuries. A typical example is liver inflammation against which vanilla might be an amazing source.
  1. Protects the heart
Studies of vanilla’s effects on the cardiovascular system show that vanillin, the active compound, can significantly reduce the cholesterol levels. That’s particularly important for people with high risk of heart attacks and insults!
  1. Helps digestion
There are several ways in which people use vanilla in order to optimize their digestive functions. For example, inhalations are popular for soothing nausea while vanilla tea can treat gut inflammation and prevent from diarrhea, stomach spasms and vomiting. vanilla extract
  1. Prevents from acne
For those of you who often have such issues this might look like a losing battle. Don’t give up that easy, though! Vanilla’s antibacterial nature can be a very powerful ally here as it can eliminate the infection that causes acne in the first place.
  1. Treats respiratory diseases
Whether you’re having a sore throat, a cold or respiratory infection, there are all kinds of anti-inflammatory pills on the market. However, why don’t you stake on the natural products and use some vanilla extract instead? Its antibacterial properties might help you soothe the cough. Just mix it with hot water and wait for the results.
  1. Helps lose weight
Lab results show that the plant might stimulate weight loss as it’s said to suppress appetite. What’s more, vanilla extract is known to increase the metabolism and thus help you start wasting away much faster. Did you expect vanilla to have such amazing health benefits? Well, expect even more surprising facts in the future! In the meantime, read more of these on our Blog: 5 High-Protein Foods Everyone can Eat 4 things about Gluten that are Already a Myth 5 Ways to Take Advantage of Eggplant’s amazing Properties


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