Sheep’s Milk: 4 Health Benefits from A to “Baa”

-“Where do sheep get their hair cut?

-“At the baa baa shop.”

It’s always a good idea to start an article with a little fun, isn’t it?! And while sheep’s typical “baa baa” noise is a great thing to joke at, these animals’ milk is definitely something we should take more seriously.

Sheep’s milk is actually quite popular in countries like Greece, Italy, Central Asia and others, of course. Not only does it have a very fine and delicate taste, but it’s also said to be super healthy!

Here’s 4 things about sheep’s milk and cheese that will make you try other than cow products immediately:

  1. Zinc and calcium content

It’s said that sheep’s milk overpasses cow’s one when it comes to chemical composition. Some of the best things you could get by choosing the sheep version are more calcium and zinc. You probably know that taking enough of these is essential for our health in general. Zinc, for example, is thought to be super important for the skin. On the other hand, calcium is able to help us fight against osteoporosis.

2. For asthma and skin issues

It turns out that sheep’s milk can be quite beneficial for the asthmatic patients. What’s more, it might also be a good addition to those of you who struggle with various skin diseases. This kind of dairy may help for blood cleansing, which is probably where ‘the magic key’ hides.

3. Heart-friendly

Sheep’s milk heart-friendliness is just amazing! There’s scientific proof that this animal product is very rich on linoleic acid. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a compound that might prevent from plaque formation, which causes atherosclerosis. This is why it’s considered to be ideal for the heart!

4. Complements deficiencies

Good news is, sheep’s milk might easily fill up those vitamin and mineral deficiencies we all tend to have. Especially during the cold season! People believe this dairy’s vitamin and mineral content is so high that it’s able to act therapeutically. For this very reason doctors often prescribe it to patients who have lack of vitamin B12, calcium or folic acid.

sheep's benefits

In case you still haven’t tried sheep’s milk’s amazing properties, go grab your product here! Or browse among our variety of dairy products as you click here!


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