The Secret Behind being a Rum Expert: 8 Simple Steps

In case you think rum is just a drink, let me tell you that “rum is tonic that clarifies the vision and sets things in true perspective”. Of course, that’s what a real fan of the drink would say about it!

Today our 8 easy steps will help you become a true rum expert. So, here’s what rules you should follow in order to be the best among your fellows:

  1. Specialists recommend that rum is served in glasses that have thick walls and bottom. They should also be slightly chilled or at least at room temperature.
  2. Black rum might easily fit into a glass for raki, it won’t be a big deal!
  3. When you happen to drink rum, be sure to take small separate sips. Then stop and allow yourself to feel the notes. Enjoy!
  4. If you have a cocktail that’s made with rum, you can drink it with a straw. Otherwise, it’s advisable for you to take it directly from the glass.
  5. Let’s suppose you want to surprise your guests with some high quality rum. Well, you may add a piece of lemon for extra flavor, but only if you are sure that your guests don’t want to sense the real, clean taste of the drink.
  6. Did you know that it’s considered that bread wouldn’t disturb rum’s assessment? This means that you can grab a bite of bread after your sip, if you want to.
  7. Although most people wouldn’t accept any other combination except for rum, bread, coffee and a cigar, there are other nice additions as well. Rum is said to go well with all kinds of seafood (excluding herring), meat and sausages, desserts and chocolate. What’s even better is fruits with cinnamon on top!
  8. If you’re not a big fan of strong alcohol, you might dissolve rum with some ice. Another option is for you to mix water, tonic and lemon juice with it. This way you’ll still be able to feel the alcohol, but not that intensely.
rum usage

Once you know how to drink rum the right way, you may consider yourself a real rum connoisseur. Now you have what to surprise your friends with!

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