Spring Drinks: Top 4 Refreshing ‘Cocktails’ for the Season

“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.” That’s right, guys. Spring is already here and we can almost smell it. Can you imagine! Anyways, when the warm weather comes, our body starts exuding more water, which means what? Hydration, of course. So, what’s better than doing something pleasant and useful at the same time?! Like hydrating your organism with healthy and tasty drinks, for example. Check out our suggestions for today:
  1. Cold tea
100% natural! And super easy. Boil a big pitcher of any herbal tea you like and let it cool. Here you may use lavender, calendula, camomile or even cinnamon, cardamom or other exotic spices. The choice is all yours. If you like it sweeter, go ahead and drop some honey. An extra pinch of tenderness would be a thin slice of your favourite fruit. Lemon, lime, orange… you name it!
  1. Fruit juice
Fruit juices can be the perfect ‘body boosters’. So, take advantage of this fact and make sure you drink at least a glass of juice every day. You’ll not only give pleasure to the senses, but you might also supply yourself with enough vitamins, energy and vital ingredients.
  1. Homemade lemonade
To make this lemonade at home, use freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add some lemon (or lime) zest in the jug and sweeten the drink with something you like. How about some high-quality honey, for example? Or a teaspoon of sugar? Whatever you choose, it’s up to you! OK, then pour some sparkled water and stir carefully. Let the drink cool in the fridge and in the end add some fresh spearmint leaves. This will give an extra freshness to this spring cocktail. homemade lemonade
  1. Milk chocolate cappuccino
We’ve tried all kinds of combinations with the all-time-favorite cappuccino! Especially with cream, biscuits and chocolate. If you enjoy such a combo, then you’ll fall in love with the next variation. Try using some milk chocolate (or even white one) next time you’re preparing your cup of coffee. By the way, you can make it as natural as possible. How? Well, take the choco bar and melt it using a water bath. Then add it to the mug and voila! You can even garnish with some chocolate sticks. Yummy! milk chocolate cappuccino Whatever drink you choose to have, remember that “sunshine is the best medicine”, so enjoy every moment with your favorite drink in hand! Browse our drink selection by category on our website as you click here! 6 Health Benefits of Milk & other Dairy Products 6 Skin & Hair Benefits of Aloe Vera Walnuts: 5 Health Benefits of this Brain-Boosting Food


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