Strawberries: 7 Mouth-Watering Facts about the Red Fruit

It’s already June, the sun is breaking through the uncompromising clouds and everything is starting to awaken. This special month can’t leave us indifferent to the budding fruits as well…like strawberries for example. We can’t help but think of the flavorful, tasty strawberry jam that hardly anyone can resist to. So, let’s give rein to your imagination when it comes to these little red friends, shall we? Did you know that…
  1. Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds are actually outside. Have you given this a thought? Normally, a single strawberry has around 200 seeds. No wonder why with every bite we have something stuck between our teeth, right? What’s even more curious is the fact that most botanists claim that each seed is an individual fruit. How many fruits we eat from a single strawberry then?!
  2. The eye-catching red fruits are part of the rose family a.k.a. the Rosaceae family. If you didn’t know this, next time you should take a deeper breath in order to feel strawberries’ specific smell. Of course, you’ll be 100% sure if you pass through a strawberry bush. You’ll most probably get the scent of something amazing. strawberry bush
  3. Strawberries grow year-round. If you happen to have a plantation yourself, you probably know that you might not have fruits immediately. However, when the plant starts giving fruit, it does this every single year. This would last for at least five more years.
  4. Ancient Romans believed that strawberries have curative effects. It doesn’t surprise you that much, does it? As most things from the nature, people used the red fruits against depression, high temperature, kidney stones and sore throat.
  5. People say there’s a connection between strawberries and sexuality. In many countries they are even considered an aphrodisiac. In France, for example, the newly weds have strawberry crème for breakfast after the first wedding night. strawberries aphrodisiac
  6. Scientists claim that these fruits may prevent from cardiovascular diseases as well as some types of cancer. They don’t contain many calories, but are super rich in vitamin B6, C, fibers, folic acid, potassium and amino-acids.
  7. Strawberries contain lots of nitrate. It’s proven that this could help blood circulation and oxygen flow into the body. If you’re training regularly, eat something that contains strawberries before the physical exercises. This way you’ll burn more calories!
Did you like these? Don’t forget you can look for strawberry jams, wafers and chocolates by category on our Food section! By the way, check out our blog for more stuff like this: 7 Interesting Facts about Figs that you (probably) Didn’t know Sesame or Sunflower Seed Halva – Which one Would you Choose? 6 Reasons Why Cherries are Good for Your Health


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