Sesame or Sunflower Seed Halva – Which one Would you Choose?

There’s hardly anyone who would say sweets are not some of those things that make us happy! A typical example for something super tasty is halva(h). In fact, back in time people associated it with amazing memories from their own childhood. What is halva actually? So, in case you’ve not been raised somewhere where halva was a main delicacy, let us give you some more info. That’s an oriental dessert, which is very famous in the Balkans and not only. Generally, there are two types of halva:
  • Flour-based halva is the one made of sugar, eggs, glucose and different kinds of flour.
  • Nut-butter based halva includes tahini (which could be from sesame, sunflower or other seeds), sugar and various herbs like Chenopodium bonus-henricus.
The second group of halva is said to have much healthier effects on the body than the flour-based sweets. Why? Thanks to the tahini, of course. Do you remember what tahini’s benefits are? Maybe this article might help you out. So, let’s have a closer look at sesame & sunflower halva, shall we?
  1. We bet you can already guess what sesame halva is made of, right?! Sesame seeds are known as super rich in beneficial substances, so don’t wait too long until you try that dessert. This type of halvah contains proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that could give us almost all of the essential amino acids. The sesame tahini butter is full of lignans, which are said to have powerful antioxidant properties. What’s more, there’s enough scientific proof that these compounds benefit the liver, the central nervous system and the organism as a whole. From sesame tahini you could also get vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, E and E, while the mineral content includes zinc, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, etc. sesame halva
  2. On the other hand, sunflower seed halva is also this delicious, don’t think otherwise! Also, when it comes to healthy properties, this type of halvah doesn’t lose ground. Sunflower seeds are rich in proteins (14%), lipids (30%), carbohydrates (50%), vitamins (B, D, E), minerals and so many other vital nutrients. Sunflower tahini contains unsaturated fatty acids as well, which is good for thin people with cardiovascular issues. What’s more, it could also help you recover after a long illness. Last but not least, due to the amount of selenium in sunflower seed halva, it may have powerful anti-cancer effects. sunflower seed halva
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